Old goat-stuff

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Stuff! Goat stuff!

Ye olde Jabberwock/Jabberslythe, Harpies, Beastman the Minotaur and some Ungor Skirmishers.

The Jabberwock is from Blood moon miniatures and is quite obviously a standin for the Jabberslythe.

Harpies are converted from Ungor Skirmishers, Crypt Ghouls and Tyranid Gargoyls, all from GW’s range.

Beastman the Minotaur is just a minotaur with loads of green stuff and random bits.
Everything in my Beastmen army is painted using The army painter, which is quite an awesome tool when you want to get the job done quickly.



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