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Not only for housewives

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

“…McMourning’s improvements to the chihuahua increased its size and ferocity, and he was eventually able to train the creature to gather body parts for him. Oddly, the dog’s yapping bark did not deepen with its increase in size, giving it a macabre but comical appearance as it leaps to rip out throats.”

– Malifaux Core Rulebook.


Zombie Chihuahua all done! Again with some brand spanking morgue base sprinkled with a recently fetched trophy for its master.



Would you like to make a donation?

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

“These people just don’t appreciate the care that goes into my work.”

“Too true, Master,” his assistant grunted as he leveraged a large iron bar in an attempt to dislodge the cover.

“Who does he think he is to kick me out of my own morgue? And Justice? That blind skrewk couldn’t be more¬† pompous.”

“Skrewk, sir?” Sebastian asked, and with a final jerk on the bar, the manhole cover came up like the cork off a bottle of champagnee. It rolled down the street and spun a few times before coming to a ringing halt.

“It’s a term of resentment that I’ve invented. I’m testing it out,” McMourning stated matter-of-factly before he set off down the manhole.

– Dead Man’s head, Malifaux Core Rulebook.

Dr. Douglas McMourning all finished on his new shiny morgue base. Spiced it up a bit and gave him a big bag ‘o bodyparts for convenience!

Douglas was probably my first proper attempt at blood spatter effects, Pyramid head being the very very first. Blood effects is the Internet renowned  Tamiya clear red mixed with GW black ink, spread out with a single straw from an old dish-brush.

Originally, I had planned to give him a tartan-like shirt, but after comparing to standard stripes, it just didn’t look as good. Now he almost feels like a pool player from behind.

Besides from the left part of his face, which was damn near impossible to get right due to his hand blocking, he was a blast to paint. Hell, 95% of the Malifaux range is an absolute joy to paint.


“Igor, bring me a new brain – and make sure it’s fresh this time!”

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

…Sebastian aids McMourning in recovering reluctant volunteers for the lab or at least, the pieces required for McMourning’s experiments…

All done with everyone’s favourite bonesaw-weilding dimwit Sebastian.

The new morgue bases feels like a great addition to the morgue employees, and I’m more than glad that I had the patience to wait for them.

Like morgue bases in the rain

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Blade runner was on the telly this night, so I finished up two of my recently bought morgue bases. they still need some Matt varnish, but aside from that they’re all done. Can’t be arsed to write more as it’s 03:36 and I’m typing on the iPhone… All hail discordia and good night.