Seamus, Avatar of Dread

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011


His body began to change, growing impossibly big, muscles expanding at a terrifying rate. He felt the sting of the Guild bullets as a few wild shots found their marks. His shirt, unable to contain his expanding physique, shredded as he grew, until it hung in tattered strips from his shoulders.

There, that’s better.

He chomped down on the cigar in his mouth, settled the top hat – now ridiculously small on his oversized head – and glared at them. “Who’s first?”

– Twisting fates


Finally, all done! And in time for the weekends tournament at that!

Avatar Seamus on a custom base made out of green/gray stuff, plasticard and some old pistol and knife bits.


2 comments on “Seamus, Avatar of Dread

  1. argentbadger says:

    I love those posters on the back of the base – how did you make them?

    The photography has washed a little of the depth out of Seamus himself, so it’s hard to comment on the skin (i.e. most of the miniature). The clothing looks neatly done.

    Good luck in the tournament.

  2. markus says:

    I googled like mad for suiting malifauxesque, victorianesque posters, mainly. šŸ™‚
    The Wanted sign was made with some free “cowboy web app” thing.
    I’m aware of the bad lighting, sadly my current accomodation doesn’t allow for that much of a decent photobox… Might update with better pics later if possible.

    Thanks, will do my best to do some Seamus smashin’!

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