‘More sedatives, he still has a pulse!’

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Not many beyond Sebastian had seen McMourning’s nurses. One might suspect that he, like his counterpart Seamus, surrounded himself by women he made beautiful. McMourning, however, took little notice of the women charged with the task of maintaining his creations. It was the nurses, themselves, desperate to preserve a beauty that had long since faded, that filled their own veins with the diluted formulas they used to preserve the flesh of McMourning’s monsters.

She stared at him, rather vacantly. Her grasp of reality was tenuous at best. Sebastian nodded at her and squeezed past.

Tangling the Threads of Fate, Twisted fates rulebook.


After much angst regarding painting both black and white, the single two most horrible colours ever to get done well, she’s finally done. Also, as an added bonus – a less sucky picture of Avatar Seamus.


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