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I’m Batmaaaan

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Night Terrors are the spirits of creatures that once lived in Old Malifaux. These spirits became trapped between life and death during Old Malifaux’s fall, and they now haunt the night, borne aloft on spectral wings. Wreathed in an unnatural darkness of their own creation, Night Terrors hunts just as they did so long ago, but instead of seeking sustenance from the flesh and blood of their prey, they drain its vitality, inhaling it through the mouths which replaced their eyes…

-Rising Powers

First out two Malifaux Night Terrors done.

Night Terrors have the ability to create darkness around them, and as such I figured I’d try to emulate that on the model, looking for a “spreading” kind of effect. You be the judge as to if it worked out or not.

Insert missing head-joke

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Nightmare edition of Lady Justice. Been done for a little while but just haven’t come around to taking any photos.

Tried to follow the artwork as closely as possible on this one, so included that for reference.

Original Wyrd artwork:

Finished (dead) Lady Justice:

On the issue of pinning

Sunday, October 30th, 2011


I’m certainly not the first one to notice how difficult it is to properly pin certain Malifaux models, or models wearing high heels in general. It’s very hard to drill a hole in a tiny tiny Cinderella shoe, and the risk of just wrecking the model feels, in my opinion, way too high. I know I’ve messed up at least one Rotten Belle this way.

Anyways, with the dawn of Instant Mold, I finally found a remedy to this most serious of ailments. Normally, I use a small saw to remove the excess metal that goes down into the slotted base, but in this case I left it where it was. What I did was to take a Victorian Bases insert and press it down an Instant Mold, and afterwards stuffing it full of green (in this case gray) stuff.

Once cured, I had a pretty darn exact replica of the original, only made of green stuff which is considerably easier to cut. I used a pinvice to drill a line of holes and afterwards used a knife and a file to make a nice long slit where the model could slide down. I glued it in place and covered it up with some more green stuff and voilà, all done! Molly won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. At least not without her base.

Instant mold galore

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Got myself some Instant Mold the other week and have since been trying it out with some more or less ambitious projects. Mainly less ambitious at the moment.

Decided to try and cast some Chaos Space Marine shoulder pads now that I could, and so far it’s been a pretty great result. After much fuss, I replicated my warbands sign as well as my green stuffing skills goes.


The original design

The original shoulder plate, with the obligatory blurry picture

The patent pending Duplo form

The result(s)

A lot of results. Note that I hav’nt cropped any of the plates yet, so I still need to knife’em up some to make them 100% complete.


Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

In a world ridden with the horrors of autumn colds, malfunctioning cars and criminals stalking our streets, it’s always comforting to kick back and relax in front of a warm and cozy IRC screen. Yes, there’s a #malifaux channel on, and you should definately check it out. Anyways, as I was navigating the vast and endless cyberspace, skillfully dodging cyberjockeys and renegade AI’s, me and a few fellow malifauxers came to discuss the various options for transporting Terraclips boards.

Being such a gentleborg, I promised to photograph my solution once the workday was over, so lo’ and behold the fruit of many sweatdrenched, blood dripping hours of work. In short, I decided to make my Terraclips board in such a way that it could be divided into 4 18″x18″ squares, that when fitted together make a full 3’x3′ gaming board. The four pieces can then be stacked on top of eachother in my custom cardboard box. Along with the doors, stairs and ladders needed,  I also bring a bag of  3-4 I-clips to clip the 4 squares together so that they don’t slide during gameplay. Pictures below:

The box! Made from 2 larger boxes, so that it’s super-mega-ultra-fitted.


Top layer and ye large magic shoppe removed.

The bag!