Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

In a world ridden with the horrors of autumn colds, malfunctioning cars and criminals stalking our streets, it’s always comforting to kick back and relax in front of a warm and cozy IRC screen. Yes, there’s a #malifaux channel on, and you should definately check it out. Anyways, as I was navigating the vast and endless cyberspace, skillfully dodging cyberjockeys and renegade AI’s, me and a few fellow malifauxers came to discuss the various options for transporting Terraclips boards.

Being such a gentleborg, I promised to photograph my solution once the workday was over, so lo’ and behold the fruit of many sweatdrenched, blood dripping hours of work. In short, I decided to make my Terraclips board in such a way that it could be divided into 4 18″x18″ squares, that when fitted together make a full 3’x3′ gaming board. The four pieces can then be stacked on top of eachother in my custom cardboard box. Along with the doors, stairs and ladders needed,  I also bring a bag of  3-4 I-clips to clip the 4 squares together so that they don’t slide during gameplay. Pictures below:

The box! Made from 2 larger boxes, so that it’s super-mega-ultra-fitted.


Top layer and ye large magic shoppe removed.

The bag!


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