I’m Batmaaaan

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Night Terrors are the spirits of creatures that once lived in Old Malifaux. These spirits became trapped between life and death during Old Malifaux’s fall, and they now haunt the night, borne aloft on spectral wings. Wreathed in an unnatural darkness of their own creation, Night Terrors hunts just as they did so long ago, but instead of seeking sustenance from the flesh and blood of their prey, they drain its vitality, inhaling it through the mouths which replaced their eyes…

-Rising Powers

First out two Malifaux Night Terrors done.

Night Terrors have the ability to create darkness around them, and as such I figured I’d try to emulate that on the model, looking for a “spreading” kind of effect. You be the judge as to if it worked out or not.


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