On the issue of pinning

Sunday, October 30th, 2011


I’m certainly not the first one to notice how difficult it is to properly pin certain Malifaux models, or models wearing high heels in general. It’s very hard to drill a hole in a tiny tiny Cinderella shoe, and the risk of just wrecking the model feels, in my opinion, way too high. I know I’ve messed up at least one Rotten Belle this way.

Anyways, with the dawn of Instant Mold, I finally found a remedy to this most serious of ailments. Normally, I use a small saw to remove the excess metal that goes down into the slotted base, but in this case I left it where it was. What I did was to take a Victorian Bases insert and press it down an Instant Mold, and afterwards stuffing it full of green (in this case gray) stuff.

Once cured, I had a pretty darn exact replica of the original, only made of green stuff which is considerably easier to cut. I used a pinvice to drill a line of holes and afterwards used a knife and a file to make a nice long slit where the model could slide down. I glued it in place and covered it up with some more green stuff and voilà, all done! Molly won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. At least not without her base.


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