Are you Sarah Connor?

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

All 20 warriors finally done. Not based yet, obviously, but I’ll do that once the remaining ‘crons are all done. Remaining models are 5 crypteks, 5 immortals and 5 lycheguards. But enough of painting for tonight !

Might as well add that these are horribly speed painted. When I put effort into it, it’s generally for malifaux or some game where I don’t have to paint over 9000 models… All in all, I’ve prolly spent 15-20 min a pop for these warriors as opposed to several evenings for a ‘proper’ model…


One comment on “Are you Sarah Connor?

  1. argentbadger says:

    They look good, especially at 15 minutes each. I look forward to seeing them fully based too.

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