Harbinger of Eternity

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Also known as chronomancers, they are masters of time, and knowledge of the future flows through their every act. They can rarely be trusted as they always have an idea of how any event will unfold. They wield Aeonstaves with sapphire heads, capable of trapping a enemy in a bubble of slow-time, a Chronometron capable of changing time, and the ability to crystallize time around himself that block their enemies blows.


Finally got around to base (and in some cases re-base) them Necrons, and as such can proudly say that my first Cryptek, the Harbinger of Eternity is done! I’ve converted up a cryptek of each discipline of techno-sorcery, but I’ll post them once they’re painted and pretty.

Tried out some OSL (Glowing eye, that is) again, and worked out pretty well… Still got lots to learn about that technique, though…

To keep in line with the speed-painty theme of the army, bases are kept pretty simple – sand and grass. It works well enough for me.

Chillin’ with my homeboys

Harbinger of Eternity




Added bonus! Based Canoptek Scarabs and Immortals.


6 comments on “Harbinger of Eternity

  1. argentbadger says:

    Fantastic work on the OSL; it looks great. I’m far too timid to embark on something so ambitious, especially since it can’t even be started until the rest of the miniature is pretty much all done. I tip my hat to you.

    • markus says:

      Thanks a lot! Mostly it was looking at existing examples and reading guides for that “cheap” osl, I know there’s an entire science behind it which I still don’t understand… Next model up will have even more glowyness!

  2. Rlyehable says:

    I like the hourglass on the cryptek. Nice overall presentation as well.

    • markus says:

      Many thanks! Even though he’s the most ‘subtle’ of my crypteks with basically just a crouched pose and an hourglass, he’s my personal favorite so far… Mainly because that hourglass.

  3. Voidwraith says:

    Where did you get that hourglass, btw? I’ve been thinking of doing something similar with my Harbingers of Eternity, but have yet to find a 28mm scale hourglass to my liking. Seeing as how I’ll only ever need 2 of them, I suppose I should just make my own out of some green-stuff unless you can point me in a good direction.

    • markus says:

      The hourglass is from the warhammer fantasy battle, empire battle wizard kit. It has a lot of neat stuff that befits a necron! Bought mine from bits and kits, so give that a peek before buying a complete kit. Good luck and I’d love to see the end results!

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