Harbinger of Destruction

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Also known as plasmancers, they are masters of raw energy and can shoot devastating blasts of furious energy and a pulses of light that illuminate the entire battlefield from their Eldritch Lances in battle. Their gaze of flickering witch-fire falters the onset of even the bravest attacker.

Finished up my Cryptek Harbinger of Destruction yesterday. Nothing much to say really, played around with some more OSL. The pictures got somewhat murky, but they’ll have to do. Only three more crypteks to go!

Cryptek Harbinger of Destruction

Base Detail

Gaze of Flame

Solar Pulse / Eldritch Lance


4 comments on “Harbinger of Destruction

  1. tmcan8 says:

    Very nice work! I really like how you did the staff! Though I don’t know what he has in his left hand.

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