Molly Squidpiddge

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

…”Oh hey Mollygirl, pay attention.” Seamus drew out a watch from his breast pocket and noted the time. Quickly leaping to his feet, he gazed toward the heart of the City. There he could easily make out the flicker of The Breach, the portal that connected this world to the Earth. On his watch, the second hand clicked away until it struck the hour, and just then, a powerful locomotive emerged form the great opening, a black surge of smoke rising into the sky.

“Right on time, Mollygirl. The whole thing’s one well oiled machine, it is. Thing’s a wonder.” Seamus snapped close his pocket watch and tucked it away before turning his head toward Molly Squidpiddge who was seated beside him on the crypt. Reanimation didn’t seem to agree with her as she was hunched over, throwing up another mouthful of blood onto the ground with a sickly cough.

“Damn, Molly, you’re a disgusting creature.” Seamus didn’t understand where all the blood could come from…

– Malifaux Core Rulebook, “Snow on a tombstone”

All done with my (and Seamus’) precious Molly Squidpiddge!

Way back in October I posted some sort of semi-guide on “pinning” high heeled models with the help of greenstuff and instant mold, but now I finlly got around to painting her. Havn’t seen that many pictures of painted Mollys for some reason – It was a great model to paint, lots of lovely folds and stuff. Decided to go for some sort of greenish brides’ dress with purple off-colour.

No fancy OSL, no fancy nothing, just plan oleĀ“painting.


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