Ashes to ashes, Rust to rust

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Some more wip pics. Bases still missing, sadly… Ah well!
It’s progress, at least.
This time a Guardian and a Watcher.

Worthy of mention is that this is the first malifaux models that I did not approach with non-metallic metals, but normal metallic paint. Rust, scratches and patina felt more at home making in that environment.






5 comments on “Ashes to ashes, Rust to rust

  1. OpticData says:

    Nice weather look you’ve created there! Is this the first time you’ve tried it?

    • markus says:

      Thanks a lot!
      Yeah, it’s the first time, so didn’t really dare/want to go NMM, but so far it seems to work out pretty well.

      • OpticData says:

        Woah! I bow down to you at my computer in a non-strange kind of way. I’ve been very very cautious of trying to do rust as I figure I’ll just stuff it up somehow.

        Noob Question: NMM?

      • markus says:

        Hah, thanks! Yeah it was a bit..scary at first. initially it looks really awkward, but the more you play around with those reds/oranges, the more awesome it gets. Try it out sometime, I’ll gladly share whatever myself-noobish tips I might have to offer.

        NMM stands for non-metallic-metal. Basically you do metal with shades of gray, gold with shades of brown/yellow etc.

      • OpticData says:

        Haha thanks for the offer! When I do get around to it, I’ll harass you for help.

        Ah! I’ve tried doing that at one stage, but it turned out just looking like toned colours 🙂

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