Is it nostalgia if it’s a feeling that’s been stuck for 13 years?

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Techno-fantasy thriller at its best!

Most people that know me are probably aware that I’m a huge fan of the Mutant Chronicles universe – A “Tencho-fantasy” setting, including RPG, CCG, Board games, miniature games, a SNES/Sega game, comics and what have you.  A wee bit more info here.

Anyways, figured I’d post them here. Was way back in 2008 when me and a mate at the local club gave Warzone (the minitaure game set in the MC universe, that is) gave it a whirl, so…yeah. Not anything newly painted. Suffice to say, the rules were pretty broken, but it was still a ton of fun. Plus, I finally got to use all these awesome models I had longed for such a long time. Models were purchased from Prince August.


Inquisitor Nicodemus


Mortificators, the assassins of the Brotherhood


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