Magnetised Doomsday / Ghost Ark

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Some time ago (I mean, really long time ago. Enough time to make me cringe and get a guilty conscience) I promised to help a mate out assembling his Necron Ghost Ark, as he’s sort of new to the whole miniature business. Ghost Ark looked like it would be a fairly simple assembly, and fairly simple to magnetise. Oh how wrong I was..


Anyways, after the nightmare of assembling the damn thing, here’s the final results. It hurts to know I should make some for myself, but I really don’t feel like it after assembling two already…



“The kit”




As a Ghost Ark



As a Doomsday Ark


2 comments on “Magnetised Doomsday / Ghost Ark

  1. tmcan8 says:

    Hmm… That’s not too bad! The doomsday ark (to me) kinda looks plonked there; it doesn’t appear to hook in or mesh properly with the ribs around it.

    Sorry if this sounded harsh!

    • markus says:

      No worrries! Im sure the photos aren’t the best, but it doesnt look too bad “irl”, it hooks in with the “spine” and the back of the ark. I’ll see if I can take some more photos if it looks wonky, just snapped a few quick ones with the phone yesterday.:)

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