Lots of ominous titles foreboding DOOM!

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

One hoodie away from being Skeletor.

Been in a deep painting depression as of lately, and havn’t been up to much at all. Cure? Obviously to speedpaint something that requires little to no detail!

Necron Overlord of many titles painted in… three hours, base done in one or so. It’s good to have an army that doesn’t require endless amount of work per model.

Yes, Necrons obviously grow beards. At least when they’re wise and awesome like Haupthek!

Pindar Haupthek the Lightbringer, Grand Vizier of Shangree-lath Dynasty, Cryptarch of Bavarium

The wonders of magnetism!


3 comments on “Lots of ominous titles foreboding DOOM!

  1. james Maas says:

    Its Nec-Cthulhu!!!

  2. […] them up a bit ( beforementioned Pyramid head, Skeletor, Beastman, Baron Samedi/Wilbur Whateley, The Illuminatus, Discordians/Hagbard Celine, Alucard and so on…). Obviously, I couldn’t just paint this […]

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