Life keeps slipping away, fighting in a war with damnation

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

…The end of the road is the sewers beneath the Honeypot, where all the Hunger’s food goes to expire. Here, the Hunger lazily feeds on the last bit of their essence before their lives are extinguished forever. The Depleted are too far gone to know or care that the end is near…

…Recently, Mr. Tannen discovered an additional use for the Depleted. When they are slain, the aether containing their burning core extinguishes, creating an explosion of brilliance that infects everyone nearby in a shower of glowing pleasure. “Why make enemies when you can make clients?” Lynch always says…

So remember, kids – stay in school and keep away from drugs.

Here’s the first of my Depleted. He was a pretty quick paintjob, but came out alright anyways. Tried to go for a bleak, depleted colorscheme. With a tint of glowing purple brilliance-stuff.


Depleted back

The touch of a Depleted burns whatever it touches, so I figured that would go for its feet as well.


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