Tuco goes cosplayin’

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Tuco Ortega – once proud spaniard gunslinger, now diabolical shotgun menace.

Tuco was once a proud Ortega member, but got captured by the meanie Neverborn and eventually swayed to their cause. This also gave him claws and horns.

I decided to get rid of the claws and horns, though, and go for a more sublime look, to better match my Dark debts crew. A very minor conversion, but nevertheless it feels like it made all the difference.

I also decided to have him dress up as everyone’s favourite vampire. Yes, that does make me a bit fanboyish, but since I’m already posting pictures of tiny figures that I’ve painted, I figured I’ve got no honour left to lose anyways.

Below is a bunch of pictures, because Tuco really does look dapper no matter which side you look at him from.





Pages filled with diabolical spells and gambling debts, no doubt.


One comment on “Tuco goes cosplayin’

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