Legion of Discord: Hake Celeste

Thursday, March 28th, 2013


If you want in on the Legion of Discord, then declare yourself what you wish and do what you like.

– Hake Celeste

After must wailing and gnashing of teeth I am proud to present Hake Celeste, the Terminator Sorcerer Lord of my Chaos Space Marines.

I’ve had a terminator lord box lying around since somewhere around ’06 but never got around to really assembling it, but a couple of months ago I got to it, with the advent of the new Chaos Space Marines codex.

Keeping my models modular has been my aim since I started with my Chaos Marines, and this feller is probably the epitome of that, sporting a lovely two-digit amount of magnets.

Current configurations are:

  • Lightning claw of Chainfist
  • Force staff or Force axe
  • Helmet or no helmet

Besides lots of magnets, I’ve played around some more with weathering, battle damage and weathering powders. It’s still a work in progress, but eventually I hope getting there.

Gamewise I’ve only used him thrice, mostly keeping him unmarked and using Telepathy. He’s a nice solid firemagnet together with his retinue of nurgle terminators, even though he havn’t done much.┬áThe fellow by his feet is Markov the chained, his spell familiar.

Next goal with my Legion of Discord is probably having a painted 5-man group. or a 23-man strong cultist cabal, but that’d require some serious considerations first. Huvva.

Hake Celeste


A slightly silly pose showing off the chainfist


Markov the chained, spell familiar


Hake without his helmet weilding a lightning claw and force axe


One comment on “Legion of Discord: Hake Celeste

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