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Can’t see the forest because it’s really just one tree

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

In most games, you have area terrain – “A forest” consisting of only one or two trees.

So, with the left-over Zuzzy mat and some old CD’s, I made myself some area terrain.



Also, a try-out/sneak preview of how the mat will look with snow.




Zuzzy mat Phase 1 – Completed!

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Phase 1 of my zuzzy mat project is hereby completed. *insert merry laughter and cheering crowd*

The last week or so I’ve posted a few status updates, and now it’s finally done. Well, not 100% done, but completed for now. Explanation below!


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A witch! May we burn her?

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

I got a bit sidetracked from Malifaux, Wh40k, terrain and whatnot…

Queue theme song.

The wicked Witch hunters have come to Mordheim again!


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WIP Wounded city, Zuzzy gaming mat

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Some more work done on my gaming table project – more specifically the “Wounded city” gaming mat. I ordered the mat in February and received it the other week.

Straight out of the box it works well enough to play on, but it’s sort of boring with a completely gray board.

First up, I cleaned the mat by dabbing it with a wet towel and then left it to dry for a day or so. Afterwards, I began painting, first by “drybrushing” it with a roller in a light gray tone and afterwards picking out the details, such as cracks and brickwork. The cracks were initially painted with an old GW Black ink, and afterwards with a really thinned out GW Chaos black. The red bricks were painted with a thin layer of red acrylic paint.


The entire mat after drybrush and details. It doesn’t look awesome at this point, but I hope that the final wash will rectify some of the glaring weaknesses, like the roller-marks.


Detail of the mat at this point. No masterpiece, but washing should take care of that!

The sample piece

Apart from the mat, I received a sample piece as an excuse for having to wait as long as I did for delivery. This seems to be pretty much how Zuzzy does with every order, and as nice as freebies are, I’d rather see them trying to speed up their delivery process. Anyways, I figured I’d use this as a base for some terrain, so I did this piece while I did the entire mat. I also washed this one first, since I didn’t want to risk ruining the entire mat with a failed wash.


At this stage, the wash still wasn’t completly dry, and I was afraid it was too brown.


After some additional time drying, it looks pretty ok. A bit brownish, a bit grayish, but not over the top. I’m slightly worried about the wrinkles, but some further inspection should reveal as to whether it’s permanent or just temporary.

Anyways, more to come!

Zuzzy test

Saturday, May 4th, 2013

Experimenting some with the zuzzy mat I just recently received. Tried some brownish hue and some plain gray. I’m afraid pure gray with snow will look too… Gray.

Still not sure. We’ll see…