A witch! May we burn her?

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

I got a bit sidetracked from Malifaux, Wh40k, terrain and whatnot…

Queue theme song.

The wicked Witch hunters have come to Mordheim again!


Three or so weeks ago me and a friend played a game of Regiments of Reknown, Lizardmen versus Beastmen. It was great fun with some light hearted skirmish action, but we both realized pretty quickly that it wouldn’t last very long. Enter Mordheim! We both started planning our warbands and I dug out my old Witch hunter Warband from…*wikipedia* ’98!? I’m an old fart, ain’t I?

Anyways, I did paint them back in the days but some years ago I stripped them. I’m happy to have finally painted them, so that I actually can play the game if I feel like it.

For this project I went for a very speedpainty approach, and I think I finished the entire warband ‘a 13 models in 8 hours total, excluding drying time. This is what I normally spend painting a single model, so for me it’s very speedy indeed. Went for an Army painter dip approach, which I feel lent itself very well for the dark, gritty feel of the witch hunters.

20mm bases is way too small to do anything fun with, so went with a pretty plain rubble-flowers-tufts kind of base. This also helped speed up the entire process.

Still need to write the fluff for the warband, but for now they’re all named at least, and I have a vague idea of their backstory.


The Heroes (Warrior Priest, Witch Hunters & Witch Hunter Captain)

– Vater Hammerzeit, Adler Graugesicht, Captain Wille von Basker, Gottfried Fuchs & Bertram Feuerblick


Zealots – Helmut, Klaus & Friedrich


Flagellants – Amadeus & Fabio


Bertrams trusty Warhounds – Howard & Philip


Belarius, the Elven ranger


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