Heeere Kitty-kitty-kitty…

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

What’s more horrible to face in the middle of the night than a big sabre-toothed tiger?

An undead sabre-toothed tiger obviously. What’s even more horrifying than that, you ask? An undead sabre-toothed tiger stitched together with a big honking snake, that’s what… And a horse head.

After a really long time having been hidden away in a zipper bag, I finally got around to assembling and painting up the Malifaux Rogue Necromancy.

Made a Silent Hill-inspired morgue base to go with the rest of my McMourning crew out of plasticard and Wyrd’s Morgue accessory pack. Basic idea was that the “real world” is falling apart, revealing the nasty nightmarish blood-stuff. Something corny like that.


Kitty, Ropey and Horsey displaying their dental state.


Something witty about hind quarters.


Don’t freak out if you find a horse head in your bed – use your imagination instead.


Pyramidhead (Izamuhead), Doctor Douglas McMourning and the Rogue Necromancy


2 comments on “Heeere Kitty-kitty-kitty…

  1. Argentbadger says:

    Nice work. I especially love the basing; it looks great. Hopefully if there’s a new Rogue Necromancy miniature in the pipeline it’s a bit beefier than this one which I always thought was rather weedy looking (though admittedly there is a later joke in the stories about it).

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