Workbench 3.0

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

I think I might have completed another phase in my Workbench-project, so now it’s time to show off.


Such a mess! Where to place all the washes!?

Look at that mess above, old tissues, phone chargers and whatnot – a proper shelf is obviously needed!

Made a shelf that rests on my desk out of some old wood I had from a torn stair-railing. A carpenter would probably cry if he or she would see it, but it works for me. Tissues and random stuff will most likely sneak in again, but now there’s a bit more order to the chaos at least.

Workbench history

1.0 – Everything in a mess.

2.0 – A shelf for most of the colors, save for Tamiya stuff, GW washes and GW foundation paints.

3.0 – Now with places for washes, WIP and random stuff!

And of course…


after pano

Sexy panorama


Space for some WIP’s as well! Magic!


And a bigger bowl to place all that other random stuff that a small hole won’t work with.

Also, I’m starting to hate WordPress for messing with my pictures. No idea if I’m doing something wrong, but the drag-and-drop keep reflipping them and stuff. Buggy.


2 comments on “Workbench 3.0

  1. Oh this is an awesome setup!! I love the paints rack! Very clever. Can’t wait to see you post up some of those WIPs!! 🙂

    • markus says:

      Thanks man! It beats having to sort through a million of paints all the time.

      Yeah I’m working on trying to give those chaos marines some love…;)

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