More Stitched Together…because I had to.

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Just a quick post with a Malifaux Stitched together…


When you buy a blister of Stitched Together, there’s two of them, and I needed one painted up for a tournament I went to a little bit back. Problem is, I knew I’d forget how I painted the first one, so I had to paint the second one as well, least they wouldn’t match each other… Yeah, serious business, I know.

Already, I’ve sort of forgotten it, but basically it was very straight-forward with:

Reaper Shield Brown – GW Devlan Mud – Reaper Leather Brown (I think?…) – More GW Devlan Mud – Some final Reaper Aged Bone highlights.

That’s pretty much it, and some gorey bloodstuff.


Oogey boogie!


Does this sack make me look fat?


One comment on “More Stitched Together…because I had to.

  1. elinore says:

    Oogie looks great 🙂 Nice touch with the blood drops.

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