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The gaming board – Or what I’ve been up to the last 6 months

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013


The epitome product of half a years hobby time has finally come to a close, and I’m personally very happy with the results. To nag some more about the tournament, I promised the club that I could bring at least two full tables to the convention (a lot of the clubs terrain is needed elsewhere during the weekend). I had a Terraclips table from before, which left me with one table done and one table short. I had already planned to make myself a gaming table for home use, but this sort of forced me to get on with it a bit faster than initially planned (initially there wasn’t really a time frame whatsoever..).

So, as I just recently posted about, I painted up a 3×3′ Zuzzy scourged forest gaming mat. I continued with the winter/tundra theme as I had initially planned. I chose to keep the snow only as partial spots and generic frost, since I figured an entirely white landscape would be a bit boring to look at. So the general theme of the board was something like “Gotham City in Russia” – Bleak, gray, gothic, worn. At first I just built graveyard stuff but quickly decided that I wanted something more than a board filled with tombstones.  Something like an old worn-out village with an old graveyard in its outskirts.


With the aid of my father (yes, I’m close to 30 and still use my fathers help in my hobby projects…) we built a foldable gaming board onto which the gaming mat could be glued. The board was glazed to give it a bit more ancient/gentlemanny look and a handle was added. Below is the board in all its folded glory. The main reason for it being foldable is so that I could stuff it away and play games at home, and help out in transporting it if I ever go somewhere to play. Like a tournament I’m hosting. Cough.


In order to help out transporting it, a handle was made which is secured by wingnuts. This leaves minimal bits of annoyance left on the board when in actual use.


So I glued the mat down with PVA glue. I glued about 50% of the board, leaving the middle 50% unglued, so that once I close the board, it doesn’t rip the mat apart. In other words, the middle section of the mat just rests on the board, but so far I’ve not seen any bubbles or somesuch distractions. The board has a frame so that the Zuzzy mat doesn’t press against itself when the board is folded and stored away.




And below is the fruit of my labor! 6 months ago I didn’t have a board, a mat, or any terrain, and now there’s almost too much of it…

This is just a sample board I set up and snapped some photos of yesterday to see how it’d look, and so far I’m really satisfied. In short, I went along with the “old (ruined) village outskirts close to the haunted cemetary.”


Birds-eye view


Tuco and Molly has a showdown in the cemetary. Pitiful crying vs. a Shotgun, place your bets!


Von Schill scouring the ruins of an old house.


Dr. Douglas McMourning discovers a treasure trove of body parts!


These ruins are great for werfing some flammens at people.


Sebastian…doing some stuff.


Graveyard being a graveyard.


A convict gunslinger sneaking around corners.


Von Schill hiding in a room, like the pansy he is!

For kicks, I also tried out my “city board” variant. At the moment it’s mainly roads and three houses,  but most of the terrain is interchangeable, so I’m not too worried that I need more “modern type” terrain at the moment. The roads are made from a roll of “tar paper” (whatever the actual name of the stuff is). Works well enough and was very quick to produce!

IMG_2760-800 IMG_2761-800

Batman doing his thing!


More undead hookers to throw at problems…

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

photo 1

In Malifaux, there’s no problem you can’t solve by throwing some undead hookers at it. So after I stole the hat from the Alternative Seamus model, I also ended up stealing his Rotten Belle. Had  to greenstuff hair and some stuff, but most of it I could hide behind a tomb stone.

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Mats, mats, more mats. Zuzzy mats, at that.

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013


A while ago I undertook on a great big olé journey to host a Malifaux tournament at PewPewCon –  PewPewFaux (of course). Anyways, in order for this to come true, I needed gaming tables!  At the local club there’s a bunch of 6×4′ tables, but the 3×3′ that Malifaux use are sorely lacking. So I set about ordering a few more Zuzzy mats, since they’re awesome. I ordered 2 3×4′ (to combine into a single 6×4 if necessary) and one 3×3′. They’re also tortoise-slow to get once you order them, so I had to order them a good 1.5 month in advance, and just received them last week, 1 week before the convention. So speed-painting 33 square feet of gaming table it is!

Just like with the other mat I started with a grey roller-drybrush and afterwards picked out the details (tree trunks).


At this stage they look a bit like doodies on the mat. Not awesome…yet!

After this, I sprayed from a distance red and brown spots to break the mats up. Afterwards a gave it a wash of the “baby-poo wash” from last post. Yeah, a lot of poo-stuff this post.


Top two have been washed and dried at this stage, bottom one no wash.



Some more WIP pictures. Nothing much to say, really.

Anyways! a few days work and they’re all ready for the tournament this weekend.




Wrapped up and good to go.

One hat to rule them all

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Quick and dirty, a hat marker for Malifaux. This is probably the only game around with a hat marker, so why not create something fun out of it?

Seamus has a ‘Mad haberdasher’ upgrade which basically saves him from a hit, instead knocking off his hat, which anyone can pick up afterwards.

I sawed off the hat of an old Alternative Seamus model, drilled a hole and placed it on a tomb stone, as if it had been blown off and landed there.



“I was their number one son, and they treated me like number two.”

Saturday, September 7th, 2013


Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, aka The Penguin, for Batman Miniature game.

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Arms outstretched for those who cannot say – Scarecrow

Saturday, September 7th, 2013




Jonathan Crane, aka Scarecrow, for the Batman miniature game. Pretty limited palette, but what can you do when a dude dresses up in naked and some old rugs?



I’m Batmaaan

Saturday, September 7th, 2013


Stalking dem rooftops!

I’m not sure where to start, there’s just too many Batman cliches to throw a batarang at. So I’ll just do a photodump as normal. This is Batman (duh) from the Batman miniature game. The models are really top notch and very detailed. A joy to work with, basically! Now all I have to do is to get someone to try it out with me…

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Snowflakes keep falling on my head…

Friday, September 6th, 2013



To keep up with the winter theme of my board, I finished up some winterifying (totally a real word) of my terrain.


First up is a Garden of Morr and second is the houses I’ve been building lately.



Garden of Morr and a GW corner ruin



All my houses snowified! Sarissa, Sarissa, Litko and 4ground


Ended up pretty swell, I think. I mean, it’s snow. On terrain. Snow terrain. Thematically I think they blend together better with the common snow aspect. Before, the 4ground ( the house in the foreground..hur hur) building looked a bit out of place compared to the other houses. Now though, it feels better.

Also, I just realized I never did a “full spread” on the residence house (big one in the middle). I’ll maybe do it at some point. I’ve learned from my mistakes that I won’t promise any updates, because if I do, they never happen.




Freeze in hell, Batman!

Journals of a terrain junky – Sarissa

Friday, September 6th, 2013

More terrain finished. Or rather, it has been finished a while, but I’ve just not posted anything about it.

It’s a Sarissa MDF building. I added windows out of blister packages to get that over-pretentious feeling.

Baldy the Chaos Space Marine will have to do the modelling.


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Journals of a terrain junky – Litko

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

After over three years of biding its time in a box, I finally got around to assembling my Litko MDF house this summer.

Went with an “abandoned warehouse” kind of look to try and fit it both with modern settings and… “steamvictoriowesternhorrorpunky” settings…



Another side