Journals of a terrain junky – Litko

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

After over three years of biding its time in a box, I finally got around to assembling my Litko MDF house this summer.

Went with an “abandoned warehouse” kind of look to try and fit it both with modern settings and… “steamvictoriowesternhorrorpunky” settings…



Another side




4 comments on “Journals of a terrain junky – Litko

  1. Subedai says:

    Nice, would be great for a Cyberpunk setting.

    • markus says:

      Thanks, yeah – I’ve been aiming for an as wide range of possible settings as possible. This is a part of my ‘home collection’ that I began working on after I moved away from my club and became a father. Basically, I need a way to have an enjoyable game in the comforts of my home…

  2. Argentbadger says:

    Nice work. I don’t think that it goes too well with the steampunk/Victorian setting as it just looks too modern, especially with the posters on the front. But it’s a lovely bit of terrain that would grace many a table. I especially like the broken windows. Are they part of the kit or did you add them in some clever way?

    • markus says:

      Thanks, man. Yeah I doubt it will see to much playtime with malifaux, but it does the job if I only use one floor.
      The broken windows are triangles of blister pack plastic glued on between the wall and the printed tapestry. So a bit clever at least!

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