Snowflakes keep falling on my head…

Friday, September 6th, 2013



To keep up with the winter theme of my board, I finished up some winterifying (totally a real word) of my terrain.


First up is a Garden of Morr and second is the houses I’ve been building lately.



Garden of Morr and a GW corner ruin



All my houses snowified! Sarissa, Sarissa, Litko and 4ground


Ended up pretty swell, I think. I mean, it’s snow. On terrain. Snow terrain. Thematically I think they blend together better with the common snow aspect. Before, the 4ground ( the house in the foreground..hur hur) building looked a bit out of place compared to the other houses. Now though, it feels better.

Also, I just realized I never did a “full spread” on the residence house (big one in the middle). I’ll maybe do it at some point. I’ve learned from my mistakes that I won’t promise any updates, because if I do, they never happen.




Freeze in hell, Batman!


4 comments on “Snowflakes keep falling on my head…

  1. These look amazing!! So well done. This must be heaps of fun to play on! 😀

    • markus says:

      Thanks! I don’t know yet, but I hope so 😉

      Got some more in the pipe and then I hope to snap a complete board pic… Just need some more terrain, just one more piece… Always one more…

  2. Linzi says:

    They look amazing can I asked how you painted them?

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