Mats, mats, more mats. Zuzzy mats, at that.

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013


A while ago I undertook on a great big olé journey to host a Malifaux tournament at PewPewCon –  PewPewFaux (of course). Anyways, in order for this to come true, I needed gaming tables!  At the local club there’s a bunch of 6×4′ tables, but the 3×3′ that Malifaux use are sorely lacking. So I set about ordering a few more Zuzzy mats, since they’re awesome. I ordered 2 3×4′ (to combine into a single 6×4 if necessary) and one 3×3′. They’re also tortoise-slow to get once you order them, so I had to order them a good 1.5 month in advance, and just received them last week, 1 week before the convention. So speed-painting 33 square feet of gaming table it is!

Just like with the other mat I started with a grey roller-drybrush and afterwards picked out the details (tree trunks).


At this stage they look a bit like doodies on the mat. Not awesome…yet!

After this, I sprayed from a distance red and brown spots to break the mats up. Afterwards a gave it a wash of the “baby-poo wash” from last post. Yeah, a lot of poo-stuff this post.


Top two have been washed and dried at this stage, bottom one no wash.



Some more WIP pictures. Nothing much to say, really.

Anyways! a few days work and they’re all ready for the tournament this weekend.




Wrapped up and good to go.


2 comments on “Mats, mats, more mats. Zuzzy mats, at that.

  1. sho3box says:

    I find it hard to express how pleased I am with my Zuzzy mats. Having them sent from the US to Europe almost doubled the cost (and thats before customs) and yet I am still 100% pleased with my purchase decision.

    You used the same mat and colour scheme for your Malifaux wasteland/Wild West mat [FIST BUMP].

    Nice work. Good luck with the tournament.

    • markus says:

      Agreed, I love them as well. Got hit with customs for the second time though, upping the total cost another 35£… Sucks, but they’re still awesome. I used your posts as reference a lot, even more this time around with the Scourged forest ones! the 3×3′ I “wintered up” and attached to my newly made gaming board. I’ll post up as soon as I take some pics!

      Thanks a lot, mate!

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