Shiitake-inspired nightmares

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Since we’ve launched the grand adventure Project Mario, I think it’s time to add a few lines on the progress of the Daydreams of the Dreamer Crew – The Goombas.


Made for being stomped on

I knew I wanted Goombas when I first began sketching the crew, and Daydreams just felt like they made the best fit – They are both small and mostly annoying and have a similiar shape. Since they’re pretty much just an angry mushroom with feet and fangs I figured I would make them in green stuff.


First little guy turned out… really tiny. Not that it didn’t fit, but the other two (I’d need three Daydreams) would probably be a bit bigger. At this stage it looked pretty much like a Goomba, but not really nightmarish or scary. Just…cranky. So that would have to change as well.


This here was the start of the other two, obviously a tad larger. These ended up too large though, and will be used as normal mushrooms on some future bases.


In an effort to make the model less cuddly, this happened after another session of furious scultping. A bit more psychotic and a bit more nightmarish. I hope.


And the handsome threesome! Middle one a bit tinier, but not as big a difference in the end.


And finally, all three on their bases. One standing on a brick to compensate its smaller size and one standing next to a discarded Koopa Troopa shell…because that’s what you do in Mario Land.

Will post painted version once they’re painted!


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