50 shades of purple

Thursday, December 26th, 2013


A bit over a year ago a began my Dark Debts crew project, and now I’ve finally come to the point where it feels about as done as it’ll ever get…

Right from when I first spotted the artwork, I knew I needed myself some Lynch. Card tricks and such just tickles me in the right kind of fancy. Every individual piece has already been blogged about in their respective posts, so I’m not going to go through them all, but I might just as well mention the highlights/concerns of the project:

  • Made me realize I do too much purple. I now have two purple masters and an entirely purple crew…
  • The first batch of plastic that Wyrd released wasn’t that super. Jacob Lynch ended up with a mean moustache instead of a dapper vandyke, because his face wasn’t properly sculpted.
  • Painting poker chips and cards is hard work.
  • Painting cards is a lot easier once you switch from brush to Micron pen.
  • Tuco makes a mean cosplayer.
  • Hungering Darkness is a boring and pretty ugly model. Anglerfish it up all you want, it’s still the worst model of the lot.
  • On the issues of sculpt quality and Hungering Darkness one could always hope for a new box set, but it’s not something I’m holding my breath for. If Lynch gets an avatar, that’ll make up for all the past sins.

So far I’ve only played one game with Lynch, and that was through Vassal, so not even “in real life”, but I hope to change that in 2014. The keen observant might also notice that there’s 2 Illuminated and 1 Depleted missing. They’re not there because they’re not painted – and I don’t plan on painting them anytime soon either. There’s just too much other stuff left to paint – models I might actually use. 3 Illuminated might be very swell in game, but the reason I got started with the Dark Debts is partly because of Mr. Graves and Mr. Tannen (they’re so badass cool), so someone had to go. If I ever feel the need I could bother with one more Illuminated, but not at the time.

All in all it has been a fun project, with lots of little “mini-conversions” to keep my interest up.


Jacob Lynch, Mr. Tannen, Mr. Graves, The Hungering Darkness, Illuminated, 2x Depleted, 2x Beckoners, Tuco (up on the balcony), 2x Stitched Together, 6x Scheme markers


When you roll a 7 in the game Craps it’s called ‘Up pops the devil’. A suitable roll, if there ever was any!..I’m so clever.


Honorable mentions

The Arcane Effigy (to the left) and Baby Kade gets honorable mentions. Arcane Effigy gave Lynch additional card manipulation skills in last edition of Malifaux, but now it can’t be hired by him anymore. Plus, it seems like it will work all different, so it wouldn’t have made the cut anyways.


Baby Kade got shafted mainly because I forgot him when I took the group shot, but also because he’s a 7 soulstone model in a crew where everything else costs about as much, so I doubt he’ll be part of the gang that often. He does have Pounce though, which synergizes nicely with Beckoners. Hmm. Maybe one day… Plus, he’s purple.



5 comments on “50 shades of purple

  1. Rathnard says:

    Really great work – I especially love the bases!

    That said, you really should paint at least one more illuminated. They’re incredibly solid minions for Lynch and are actually pretty decent in other crews too. 🙂

    • markus says:

      Thanks, man!

      Think a second one is needed even with the inclusion of the mistahs? Graves, Tannen and 2 Beckoners and you’re pretty much all out of stones… I need to give them some proper time on the table though. I might end up doing the lady-illuminated at some point though.

  2. sho3box says:

    A finished miniatures project: the rarest beast ever seen on the internet. Good stuff 🙂 I cant paint purple, so extra kudos for that.

    Finishing a project is a great way to end the year. Hopefully it will inspire you for the next year.

    Seasons greeting and all of that jazz :).

    • markus says:

      Thanks again! Yeah, it’s not often stuff like this gets finished. On the other hand, it’s only finished because I can’t be arsed to do more. 😀

      In the end it turned out to be a pretty least-effort project, but at least it’s done now!

      Hoping to get some more energy for painting with the new year, been laying pretty low lately.

      Seasons greetings right back atya! 🙂

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