Goomba Daydreams – Freudian field day

Monday, January 6th, 2014

The topic that could also be named ’50 shades of brown’. Too bad I already made a reference about that book not too many posts ago. And I haven’t even read it (no, honest!).

photo 1

First 6 soulstones done for my Dreamer crew! 5 models done in total… 6 stones. Not cool. Anyways..

Went with a very dark scheme for these dudes to try and keep in touch with the “Mario gone nightmarish” theme. I know I might use completely white eyes a bit too often, but to be honest I was afraid not doing so would make them almost feel human. Or silly. Or googely-eyed. White makes them feel a bit more monstrous. Or so I hope.

I also showed these to my wife, hoping for some well-deserved cred! I mean, I both sculpted them from scratch and painted them all evil. She said they looked like three little male love-sausages and laughed. I mean, the are based on mushrooms, not wieners! *mutter grumble *

So, here they are. Perverted mushroom-monsters. Or a penis-party. Your call.

photo 5
Doin’ The Sidescroller
photo 2
Compensating for its short stature by standing on stuff.

photo 3
Just me and my blue shell. Maxin’ the chillaxin’

Not quite the 50 shades as advertised but these are the browns used for these very brown models.


4 comments on “Goomba Daydreams – Freudian field day

  1. sho3box says:

    I love a good penis party.

    Wives have a knack for the simultaneous putdown/compliment in my experience. Im talking about toy soldiers here by the way… My mother was the same (in keeping with the Freud angle). Tip the waitresses, Im here all week etc.

    I like white eyes on creepy monster types, but I use Game Color Off White rather than a pure white as it looks too stark. I do the same with teeth to avoid the Jimmy Carr, moths-bumping-into-them-at-night effect. I cant tell if you do similar when painting your eyes or not, but I recommend Game Color Off White to everyone anyway, so I may as well recommend it to you too. Its great.

    The Mario theme really works. Sometimes the themes that people subject their miniature factions to are very forced and/or only semi-realised. Not here, these are great. I have the theme from Mario Kart Double Dash going around in my head whenever I see this crew. Really great stuff.

    • markus says:

      Thanks for the compliments and tips! I should probably try out some off white when given the chance, especially for less monsteresque models.

      With the Goombas I went with a few shades of gray out in the “rims” of the eyes and quickly shaded up to pure white. Was really hard to get proper shading with such tiny models though…

      I’m happy that you think it works. It’s always a nail-biter when you begin with a themed projects, because if you’re not careful it might end up just…not being very good at all, and as you said – forced. Time will tell if this one ends up forced once all models are in place. πŸ™‚

      More to come soon! Probably someone wearing a green hat.

  2. Hahaha awesome take on mario, love it πŸ™‚

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