Mario has had enough time in the spotlight, now it’s all eyes on me…

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

 ‘Eyes here’ eyes!’ roared Coppelius tonelessly. Overcome by the wildest terror, I shrieked out and fell from my hiding place upon the floor…


Coppelius, or rather, Coppeluigi, finished up for my Dreamer project. Only minor modifications since the original model is creepy as hell as it is, and I wouldn’t not want to use that. Gave Coppeluigi a plumber’s hat and a mushroom instead of an eye. Because in Mario-land you need mushrooms.

Since I personally feel that human-like monsters are more frightening than pure monsters, I decided to go with a human skincolor. Plus, it makes him look more like Luigi. Top two tentacles were repositioned and turned into the most moustachey and dapper tentacles on the market – because real gentlemen don’t settle for anything less than moustache-tentacles.

Placed him on a ?-block to tie him further with Dreamer/Mario. These guys are the only ones that’ll be on such block in the crew.

“What did moma always say about accepting mushrooms from strangers…?”

Rockin’ that ‘stache

I’m gonna eat y’all”


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