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Dreamario project – COMPLETE!

Thursday, March 27th, 2014


RIP Dreamario Crew

17th September 2013 – 26th March 2014

It was nice knowing you, but now you’re all completed!


Pretty much everything has already been said in other posts, but it’s always nice with some closure.

At the start I was honestly very doubtful I’d ever finish it, and even more so before Gothcon, which have been my goal ever since I found out there was a Malifaux tournament there. Eventually though, things just… loosened up and suddenly they were all ready.

13 models in 6 months might not be that spectacular but.. I’m a slow painter/modeller with limited time, so there.  Not counting a few minor side-projects, it has pretty much had my full attention the whole time, which, for a hobbyist, is hard work!

That said, here’s my, at the moment, mono-list for Dreamer:


Neverborn Crew – 50 – Scrap

The Dreamer (Mario) — 6 Pool
+Restless Dreams [1]
+Tantrum [2]

Daydream (Goomba) X 2 [4]
Baby Kade  (Diddy Kong) [7]
Coppelius (Luigi) [8]
Insidious Madness (Boo) [5]
Teddy (Donkey Kong) [11]
Widow Weaver (Princess Peach) [8]

Besides that, there’s 1 extra Daydream and 3 Alps (Shy Guy)

Time will tell if it works out, but who cares – it’s not a list built for efficiency, but for nostalgia and for the sake of the challenge.

Looking at the future… I’m not sure what I’m gonna do now. Feels almost lonely. Maybe watch a few episodes of Breaking Bad without a bright hobby light lighting up the room.



Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to stab me in the back with a big knife?

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Kadey Kong! Last model of the Dreamario crew done! Frabjous day indeed!


Diddy Kong is Donkey Kongs “wannabe nephew” and, much like Donkey, he likes barrels and bananas. Baby Kade is a neurotic evil demon-baby that stabs people in the back that likes his Teddy.

So, with the connection of liking Teddy/DK being the only common denominator – onward!

Diddy_kong WYR4002_Baby_Kade_1.JPG=600


I always thought Baby Kade had a bit of an ape-face anyways.

First up, I had to remove pretty much everything from the model… Since the original model hugged its teddy very close, I was left with trying to sculpt one entire side of his body, with arm and leg included. Baby arms are very small.



Yeah… not much left of the original model. Trying to knife away half the model without damaging the other one was definitely a challenge.


photo 1

Front – For the first time in my life, I’ve scuplted a banana! Added the Banana, added the tanktop, banana, arm, leg, cap and tail. Sculpting little baby arms and feet are hard stuff.


photo 2

Back, hugging his lil’ banana.


And… Results. Turns out small models gets painted faster than big ones. Mystery!

photo 2

That’s the worlds tiniest tongue, if you wonder. And a baby-scale banana.


photo 3

Because stabbing people is fun.


photo 1

Don’t worry ma’am, we’re here on official monkey business.

If you want to save your current game, just jump into my spinning save barrel!

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

The end of the project is drawing closer to an end! Latest model done is Donkey Kong/Teddy.

Donkey Kong is a big ape that wears a tie and likes bananas and barrels.


Donkey Kong, from his initial appearance on the Nintendo 8-bit to his more modern, suited-up appearance.


Teddy is a big teddybear made out of nightmares that hugs them to death. So basically, the plan was to have something big, apeish with a tie and possibly some bananas/barrels. Easy enough.



I knew from the beginning that I wanted to do a Donkey Kong/Teddy crossover, but exactly how to do it has been sort of unclear. For a long time, I was planning on trying to “apeify” a Teddy, but that seemed like a seriously super-hard, so after some well-needed advice, I went for Cojo. I mean, it’s a big angry ape, and it’s a Malifaux model (albeit a different faction… but who cares).


So I went for the Cojo model, managed to (after a great deal of effort) sculpt a tie and gave him a few barrels. Whammie, done-deal. I also added a D-pad to strengthen the theme a bit.

The model itself felt sort of flat, I realized, and painting its fur was definately a challenge. Also, brown fur with brown barrels on a brown base makes for yet a very…brown model.


For some reason, I’ve not taken any WIP pictures of the making of Teddy Kong. I guess I was just too immersed in the sculpting progress!..


photo 1

Kong smash!


photo 3

Close up of the D-pad. Sort of hard to see with the lighting but… it’s there.


photo 4

This guy is barrels of fun (barum-dish)


photo 2

No, that’s not monkey doo-doo he’s standing in.


Knock Knock! Who’s there? Boo. Boo who? Aww, don’t cry.

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

This post is brought to you by Delirious Fevers & Son. Apologies in advance if it doesn’t make sense.

photo 2

Been more or less finished with my Malifaux Insidious Madness/Boo for a while, but family (including me) being sick has hampered the progress some. That, and that I just couldn’t decide on when the model was finished.

Initially, I wasn’t going to use an Insidious madness at all in the crew, but when someone (me or someone else, I have no idea) popped the ide of Boo it just all fell into place. With that said, the Dreamario crew is obviously more about flavour and fitting models than being ultra-mega-competitive.



Insidious madness’ are some sort of dreamstuff creations inflicting madness (duh) on people. Boo’s are ghosts that follow you around when you’re not looking, and hiding behind tiny ghost-arms when you are looking. So the marriage of the two were obvious. Obviousish, at least.


The above picture is roughly what I had in mind when I first started sculpting the model, but in the end it ended up as something quite different, for better or worse.

photo 1

The model is completely sculpted by hand with Green stuff (Gray actually, but it’s still green in my heart). Really nothing out of the ordinary, a ball with arms, basically.

photo 3
I tried to emulate some sort of “swirling out of the ground” sort of deal, much the new plastic Sorrows.

photo 4
And front view. Gave him bleeding empty eye sockets to hide instead of normal goodie-two-shoes-eyes like your average Joe runs about with. Where are they? Why is he hiding his face? Can ghosts bleed? Exactly the sort of Scooby Doo mystery a Malifaux crew needs.

And with that, I’m down to two models, or 18 soul stones. The plot thickens, and the final date for when they all need to be done closes in as well (GothCon, end of april). Now if the fever can just disappear and if my body would stop throwing up whatever I feed it with, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Thank you, Mario! But our Princess is eating our sanity!

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

photo 1

Two updates in two days, I know! This time Princess Peach/Malifaux Widow Weaver.

No major alterations to her, since the model was awesome enough as is, only added a crown which I stole from a GW Warhammer 40’000 Necron shield-thingy.

The base is cork, transparent gel, GW skeleton/zombie bits and greenstuffed mushroom hats. Because Peach is the princess of the Toadstools. And now they’re all dead. And she’s walking around all monstrey. You know, which is creepy and stuff. Plus, in the game she’s all Damsel-in-distressy, and now I can turn that around by making her scare people to death (hopefully only) in-game.

photo 3

Base detail

photo 4

Innocent enough from behind… kinda.

photo 5

Mario, Luigi and Peach, chilling out

Three more models to go!

Travel in style, 8-bit style.

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Lots of pictures and few words in this update, but considering a picture speaks a thousand words, I should be close to the old testament in length anyhow.

While I was working on my Malifaux Dreamer/Mario crew the issue of transportation arose.I knew I also wanted to build a display board for it, as a sidenote, and when I combined the two things in my head, the idea of the NES Carry/Display case was born. I knew a NES potentially could fit the bill, but I couldn’t really be sure. I knew I wanted the following criteria met:

  • It had to be able to transport my entire Dreamer Crew. With that said, I knew roughly how many spots I needed, since my Dreamer crew will (hopefully) be a finite project with an actual end, as opposed to the general “evergrowing army” deal that usually comes with miniature projects.
  • Place to store a fatedeck and maybe even some other random good-to-haves (counters etc…)
  • I wanted a display board, and if possible it would be a combination of the two.
  • If I was to use a NES – could I use the game tray?
  • I wanted a broken NES, since I couldn’t live with destroying an actually working one.

With the criteria set, I began to take some measurements and experiment a bit with my own NES. It all seemed to fit just barely and if I went along with it, it could either be “just perfect” or “well it almost fits”. Very angsty.

That said, on to auction sites for 3 weeks and scout relentlessly!


An old defunct Nintendo 8-bit NES purchased on “swedish eBay” for about 20€. The lid was broken but visually there wasn’t anything else off about it.


Disassembly process.


Disassemblyprocess again, some cords I just cut off, since I wasn’t going to use the actual engine anyways.


With a lot of elbow grease I removed several plastic “pegs” which would get in the way of my project.


Dryfitting a sabol tray, and as it turned out it fit perfectly , only had to remove a bit of one side!


Since I wanted it as close to real deal as possible, I had to cut off the front part of the controller inputs and glue them to a bit of black plastic and reinsert them to the frame. This was necessary, since the original deal went too deep into the “storage area”. I also hade to glue the Power and Reset button in place.


View from back after drilling a few holes and hinging it. Turns out a NES is very close to an ordinary box, as mad as it seems!


View from inside after the hinging. At this point I wasn’t sure if I’d have to cut the screws shorter or not.

photo 1

Ducttape! Since there were some irregularities in the bottom of the case, I filled it up with tray leftovers and taped it all down.

photo 2

Ooh, a hole, what might go in here, I hear you wonder.

photo 3

Why a fate deck, of course! Like a glove!

photo 1

And a shot from inside with all the models in place. 4 spaces left to fill out before the tournament in april. Whatever might fit in those spots, one might wonder?

I also added magnets to keep the box shut and keep all the precious models from falling out.

photo 2

The finished product! Noone could suspect that this inconspicuous console of old days contains such wonders of 2014!

This finished stage one, stage two will try and extend the carry case to a display case as well. Really chuffed!