Travel in style, 8-bit style.

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Lots of pictures and few words in this update, but considering a picture speaks a thousand words, I should be close to the old testament in length anyhow.

While I was working on my Malifaux Dreamer/Mario crew the issue of transportation arose.I knew I also wanted to build a display board for it, as a sidenote, and when I combined the two things in my head, the idea of the NES Carry/Display case was born. I knew a NES potentially could fit the bill, but I couldn’t really be sure. I knew I wanted the following criteria met:

  • It had to be able to transport my entire Dreamer Crew. With that said, I knew roughly how many spots I needed, since my Dreamer crew will (hopefully) be a finite project with an actual end, as opposed to the general “evergrowing army” deal that usually comes with miniature projects.
  • Place to store a fatedeck and maybe even some other random good-to-haves (counters etc…)
  • I wanted a display board, and if possible it would be a combination of the two.
  • If I was to use a NES – could I use the game tray?
  • I wanted a broken NES, since I couldn’t live with destroying an actually working one.

With the criteria set, I began to take some measurements and experiment a bit with my own NES. It all seemed to fit just barely and if I went along with it, it could either be “just perfect” or “well it almost fits”. Very angsty.

That said, on to auction sites for 3 weeks and scout relentlessly!


An old defunct Nintendo 8-bit NES purchased on “swedish eBay” for about 20€. The lid was broken but visually there wasn’t anything else off about it.


Disassembly process.


Disassemblyprocess again, some cords I just cut off, since I wasn’t going to use the actual engine anyways.


With a lot of elbow grease I removed several plastic “pegs” which would get in the way of my project.


Dryfitting a sabol tray, and as it turned out it fit perfectly , only had to remove a bit of one side!


Since I wanted it as close to real deal as possible, I had to cut off the front part of the controller inputs and glue them to a bit of black plastic and reinsert them to the frame. This was necessary, since the original deal went too deep into the “storage area”. I also hade to glue the Power and Reset button in place.


View from back after drilling a few holes and hinging it. Turns out a NES is very close to an ordinary box, as mad as it seems!


View from inside after the hinging. At this point I wasn’t sure if I’d have to cut the screws shorter or not.

photo 1

Ducttape! Since there were some irregularities in the bottom of the case, I filled it up with tray leftovers and taped it all down.

photo 2

Ooh, a hole, what might go in here, I hear you wonder.

photo 3

Why a fate deck, of course! Like a glove!

photo 1

And a shot from inside with all the models in place. 4 spaces left to fill out before the tournament in april. Whatever might fit in those spots, one might wonder?

I also added magnets to keep the box shut and keep all the precious models from falling out.

photo 2

The finished product! Noone could suspect that this inconspicuous console of old days contains such wonders of 2014!

This finished stage one, stage two will try and extend the carry case to a display case as well. Really chuffed!


11 comments on “Travel in style, 8-bit style.

  1. Martin M says:

    Totally awesome! Love it!

  2. Micke Lindh says:

    This is just brilliant! Great work!

  3. sho3box says:

    Wow, thats pretty unique. Fantastic execution 😀

  4. Argentbadger says:

    That is absolutely fantastic. I would never have thought of a themed carry-case for a crew.

  5. Thorin says:

    This is really awesome! 😀

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