If you want to save your current game, just jump into my spinning save barrel!

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

The end of the project is drawing closer to an end! Latest model done is Donkey Kong/Teddy.

Donkey Kong is a big ape that wears a tie and likes bananas and barrels.


Donkey Kong, from his initial appearance on the Nintendo 8-bit to his more modern, suited-up appearance.


Teddy is a big teddybear made out of nightmares that hugs them to death. So basically, the plan was to have something big, apeish with a tie and possibly some bananas/barrels. Easy enough.



I knew from the beginning that I wanted to do a Donkey Kong/Teddy crossover, but exactly how to do it has been sort of unclear. For a long time, I was planning on trying to “apeify” a Teddy, but that seemed like a seriously super-hard, so after some well-needed advice, I went for Cojo. I mean, it’s a big angry ape, and it’s a Malifaux model (albeit a different faction… but who cares).


So I went for the Cojo model, managed to (after a great deal of effort) sculpt a tie and gave him a few barrels. Whammie, done-deal. I also added a D-pad to strengthen the theme a bit.

The model itself felt sort of flat, I realized, and painting its fur was definately a challenge. Also, brown fur with brown barrels on a brown base makes for yet a very…brown model.


For some reason, I’ve not taken any WIP pictures of the making of Teddy Kong. I guess I was just too immersed in the sculpting progress!..


photo 1

Kong smash!


photo 3

Close up of the D-pad. Sort of hard to see with the lighting but… it’s there.


photo 4

This guy is barrels of fun (barum-dish)


photo 2

No, that’s not monkey doo-doo he’s standing in.



2 comments on “If you want to save your current game, just jump into my spinning save barrel!

  1. Awesome conversion! That will be a suitable Donkey Kong, even so he seems slightly corrupted by evil powers.

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