Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to stab me in the back with a big knife?

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Kadey Kong! Last model of the Dreamario crew done! Frabjous day indeed!


Diddy Kong is Donkey Kongs “wannabe nephew” and, much like Donkey, he likes barrels and bananas. Baby Kade is a neurotic evil demon-baby that stabs people in the back that likes his Teddy.

So, with the connection of liking Teddy/DK being the only common denominator – onward!

Diddy_kong WYR4002_Baby_Kade_1.JPG=600


I always thought Baby Kade had a bit of an ape-face anyways.

First up, I had to remove pretty much everything from the model… Since the original model hugged its teddy very close, I was left with trying to sculpt one entire side of his body, with arm and leg included. Baby arms are very small.



Yeah… not much left of the original model. Trying to knife away half the model without damaging the other one was definitely a challenge.


photo 1

Front – For the first time in my life, I’ve scuplted a banana! Added the Banana, added the tanktop, banana, arm, leg, cap and tail. Sculpting little baby arms and feet are hard stuff.


photo 2

Back, hugging his lil’ banana.


And… Results. Turns out small models gets painted faster than big ones. Mystery!

photo 2

That’s the worlds tiniest tongue, if you wonder. And a baby-scale banana.


photo 3

Because stabbing people is fun.


photo 1

Don’t worry ma’am, we’re here on official monkey business.


2 comments on “Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to stab me in the back with a big knife?

  1. Again, very creative conversion. Really like how the two turned out. Dystopian Nintendo characters are definitely cool. The banana looks good, too, and suits the miniature well. I would only make it more yellow or is it supposed to be banana weapon?

    • soundwave says:

      Thanks again! I did experiment some with a bit of a brighter yellow banana, but in the end I went with the “a few days old” banana look. If there is such a thing as a banana-look.

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