Dreamario project – COMPLETE!

Thursday, March 27th, 2014


RIP Dreamario Crew

17th September 2013 – 26th March 2014

It was nice knowing you, but now you’re all completed!


Pretty much everything has already been said in other posts, but it’s always nice with some closure.

At the start I was honestly very doubtful I’d ever finish it, and even more so before Gothcon, which have been my goal ever since I found out there was a Malifaux tournament there. Eventually though, things just… loosened up and suddenly they were all ready.

13 models in 6 months might not be that spectacular but.. I’m a slow painter/modeller with limited time, so there.  Not counting a few minor side-projects, it has pretty much had my full attention the whole time, which, for a hobbyist, is hard work!

That said, here’s my, at the moment, mono-list for Dreamer:


Neverborn Crew – 50 – Scrap

The Dreamer (Mario) — 6 Pool
+Restless Dreams [1]
+Tantrum [2]

Daydream (Goomba) X 2 [4]
Baby Kade  (Diddy Kong) [7]
Coppelius (Luigi) [8]
Insidious Madness (Boo) [5]
Teddy (Donkey Kong) [11]
Widow Weaver (Princess Peach) [8]

Besides that, there’s 1 extra Daydream and 3 Alps (Shy Guy)

Time will tell if it works out, but who cares – it’s not a list built for efficiency, but for nostalgia and for the sake of the challenge.

Looking at the future… I’m not sure what I’m gonna do now. Feels almost lonely. Maybe watch a few episodes of Breaking Bad without a bright hobby light lighting up the room.



3 comments on “Dreamario project – COMPLETE!

  1. sho3box says:


    Completed miniatures per month may not be huge, but number of fully completed projects per year is one for one. Thats more completed projects in 2014 than very many gamers who do a lot of talking get finished in a lifetime. The fact that your project is completely unique, well thought out and fully realised adds a huge amount of kudos too.

    Pat yourself on the back from me.

    So whats next? Were not getting any younger 😉

    • soundwave says:

      Thanks man!

      True, finish projects per year might be a more interesting statistic to monitor. More rewarding at least 😉

      I’m not sure! Taking suggestions! I’m considering trying to realize a D1 Tristram gaming board. Shouldn’t require too much effort if I go winter-themed…

  2. […] Bear-Teddy done for my Nintendo-based Malifaux Dreamer crew. The model is a slightly converted limited edition Malifaux Miss […]

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