Not much painting, just noise.

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

Not done much painting as of lately, just slowly trudging away on my Malifaux Open Graves box.

Figured I might as well share two snippets I’ve uploaded on SoundCloud instead, since it’s…well it’s something, even though it aint no tiny toy soldiers.

Both are made with the Korg iMS-20 and are more or less me trying to learn it, both recording-wise, sound-creation-wise and, well… just about everything-wise.

First one is Storm Eagle from Megaman X (SNES). I experimented with recording stuff I played myself (as opposed to the more programmey type of recording). It’s not perfect, and it’s very hard to get the timing right if you just record it into the sequencer, but it’s a start. I’ve learned tons anyways.

The second one is just a random song playing around with the insane sounds from the iMS-20.

It’s about putting makeup on herrings. Not that I need to explain that though, the inter-visual soundscape tells the entire story anyways. Right?


I hope to finish up some models soon, though. The Nintendo-crew sort of left me burnt out and I’ve been going slow since then.


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