Fnaah fnaah and ca-caw ca-caw, an exercise in onomatopoeia

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

photo 1photo 2

First things first; Fnaah fnaah is how a dapper gentleman does his dastardly laugh, and ca-caw is how a vulture sounds… I think.

Nicodem, the Undertaker of Malifaux finally complete. Vulture has been done for a while, but I just couldn’t motivate myself to do a blog post about… a bird (havn’t you heard?).

For Nicodem I aimed for a “Louisiana/New Orleans voodoo” kind of look. For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about it involves witch doctorey attires, tall hats and corpse makeup – pretty much your Nicodem model! As a change from all the usual winter bases, I tried out a more autumn kind of  theme with some flowers and random fluffstuff. And tomb stones of course. Since he’s an undertaker and stuff, you know. This is also the first time I’ve tried out painting “dark skin”, which was a fun challenge. And not that hard at all with the Reaper Dark skin triad and some good ole Devlan Mud. The face was a nightmare to paint though, since he wears a big hat and keeps it at an angle, it was almost impossible to paint the makeup, and ever harder to see it now that it’s done.

So basically, what I wanted was:


And with all the color choices and whatnot, I ended up with:





Anyways… More pics below.

photo 2


photo 3

Because if you’re a zombie you need corpse makeup… right?

photo 4

So death metal it hurts


photo 1


Flappity flap. Floff-floff-floff.




5 comments on “Fnaah fnaah and ca-caw ca-caw, an exercise in onomatopoeia

  1. sho3box says:

    He looks good like that, nothing like my preconceptions regarding Nicodemus. The model is a big change from the old Nicodemus isnt it? Im not sure how I feel about that.

    I quickly painted a Baron Samedi figure from Reaper a few years ago. I had terrible trouble with the flesh tone and the subsequent make up. I ended up taking short cuts on both which can be seen in the poor photos, but despite all of that, I quite like the figure.

    Everyone loves Live and Let Die surely 🙂


    • soundwave says:

      Thanks! Yeah, I felt that I needed to something else with him, just going the vanilla route felt too dull. The model is definately a big change from the old one, even if the idea of “gentleman villain in hat” is still the same. I think I’m still warming up a bit to the model as well, which might be why it took so long to paint.

      Nice, I like that model! the skin came out great. I’m a real witch doctor addict in general. If you’re ever in that mojo-mood, I highly recommend some Deadbolt – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmskQLLDlNk

      Some years ago I did a mashup of Baron Samedi and HP Lovecrafts Whately for my beastmen (this is sounding far fetched…), and afterwards I felt the itch wasn’t quite scratched, so hopefully this project will cure me once and for all.. .https://powerofsuggestion.wordpress.com/2011/06/21/slightly-newer-stuff-baron-whateley/

      And yes, the world needs more Bond material!

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