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Yet another mindless post.

Monday, August 11th, 2014


Not much of a post really, but figured I’d post up my 5 Mindless Zombies for Malifaux.

The models are from Mantic, so they’re proxies, but it’ll have to do. All five hastily speed painted since I couldn’t be bothered that much. I mean, in Malifaux they’re likely do be removed the second after they’re summoned. But now I have 5 ready for play at least.

Went with the same corpse paint sort of deal as with Nicodem. At least you can see these guys’ heads.

Sorry for the sort of crappy pic  – lighting was bad and I am lazy.



Summary of the Summer. Summery. Part 1

Monday, August 11th, 2014

In an attempt to spark some life into the blog again… Here’s a blog post.

Nothing much have been done, but the few things that actually have been done, I’ll try and post up in the near future. Mostly been fiddling with music creation as of lately, so not much to show for, but some few things have been completed, painting-wise.

First up, an eerie and spooky and gloomy and Scooby Doo-mysterious church with graveyard. Initially the fencings were going to be on separate pieces, but I soon realized it wouldn’t be playable and that it’d just get brushed away and stuff, so I did a more permanent installation. It’s mounted on a Zuzzy mat so that it blends together with the rest of my gaming board and per usual it’s in a wintery theme. The scene (for lack of better words) is loosely based on the Diablo 1 cathedral of Tristram, because I’m silly like that. My goal is at some point have a 3’x3′ Tristram table, and where better to start than with the church.





Flashbacks, anyone?

The product


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