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Rub mah mojo hand

Saturday, September 20th, 2014


First post in ages. Been having a longer-than-expected detour into the world of synthesizers, so been slacking on the blogging side. Not that much with painting though!


Last up for my Nicodem crew is Mortimer the grave digger. He’s been done for a while, I just havn’t gotten around to posting. In fact, I managed to snatch shared-second place in the lovely monthly #MFXTOP painting competition with while not blogging! Much joy!


Anyways, here’s Mortimer!

Painted in a New Orleans/Baron Samedi voodoo theme, to tie in with the rest of the lot.




photo 2


Not entirely sure if he’s being burrowed or dug up. You decide.


And the entire crew:


photo 3


And this wraps up my Nicodem project!