BMG tryout – Some men just want to see their dice cube burn…

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

After something close to two years of having two painted crews for Batman the Miniature Game, I finally got around to testing it. With some non-Batman-friendly results…



Normally, this means bad luck for bad guys.

As of last night, I finally managed to both get the time and persuade a fellow gamer to give BMG a try. Since I’m horrible with keeping notes, I’ll just stick to briefly describing the encounter. Since I was the only one having read the poorly translated-from-spanish rules and I had to teach the game, while also figuring it out for myself, we probably made a bunch of rules mistakes, apart from the actual “strategic mistakes” we made, but it was a good learning game still. I played Batman and my mate played The Penguin.

Objectives: 2x Loot objectives and 1x Ammo crate each. This is fewer than normal, but we had to try and keep the “bunch of special rules” at bay, and as such we stuck with these.


Good guys:

  • Batman (Arkham Asylum version)
  • Robin (Tim Drake)

Bad guys:

  • The Penguin
  • Scarecrow
  • Penguin Emperor (Electric baton)
  • Royal Penguin (Assault rifle)
  • Blue Penguin (Shield)

So straight from the start, the supposedly Dynamic duo was outnumbered 2.5-1. As it should be! The crews were both 200 reputation (“points”)


Some sort of slum-graveyardy part of Gotham. For reference, the “Bodypart counters” were street lights, “Book” was loot and “mysterious effigy” was ammo – yes, yes, don’t ask.


Penguins thugs deployed around the residence building, with the Penguin Emperor skulking around down in the sewers.



The Penguin took up positions together with Scarecrow in the graveyard. Suitably morbid and hopefully not around any Wayne tomb stones.


Batman and Robin skulked around the buildings, trying to keep as many options open as possible.


The Penguin Emperor had emerged from the sewers with his eyes fixed on the Ammo crate, so Robin used his batclaw to intercept. Seemed like a perfectly good idea at the time. I mean, he’s no Batman, but he’s still Robin. Cool’n’all, right?


With his batclaw Robin zoomed in and attacked the thug with all of his ninja awesomeness and promptly failed to do anything. Consequently, he got an electric baton to the head. WHAM!


As if the humiliation of being bested by a mere thug wasn’t enough, the thug and Scarecrow beat the snot out of poor Robin, leaving him unable to do anything for the rest of the game.


Penguins only feat of the game – to collect a bunch of victory points by camping on an ammo crate. Sneaky git.


Batman, on the other hand, wasn’t in as bad luck as Robin. But he didn’t accomplish much else either. He used his batclaw to fly up to the roof top where the gunner camped, and misjudged the distance between them (damn cm instead of inches!), so couldn’t get to him. He threw some batarangs, which all missed.

Eventually Batman chased the goon downstairs where he actually knocked him out, after 4 rounds of horrible attempts to dismantle him.


Sadly, one knocked down goon didn’t make much of a difference, and batman ended up with 3 VP against Penguins 23. Not a great night for the caped crusader.

All in all though, I enjoyed it! It’s a tricky game to play objective based with such few models but I’m sure it’s a learning curve kind of deal.

Once the language barrier of terrible translation was surpassed, the game flowed pretty well and all the flavourful abilities and stuff really helps with the narrative.

It was also entertaining that batman fluffed 18 out of 22 attacks in total, despite hitting on 3+ and wounding on 3+… Damn dice.

I’d love to try it again, but somehow I doubt I’ll find people interested enough, combined with my own limited time for games. Most likely, I’ll just stick to the odd malifaux twice a year and keep hoping to one day play BMG again. Hobby time is a scarce resource at this point in life. Nevertheless, fun game! I might go ahead and expand from 200 to 350 (standard games) value at some point, depending on if I find someone with interest to play it again.


2 comments on “BMG tryout – Some men just want to see their dice cube burn…

  1. Very effective table! The snow and overall dark gothic atmosphere is right there with Batman. The soil and pavement in the church court look very nice. Are the tombstones embedded or can you take them off the board?

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