Thursday, March 17th, 2016

Not even a witty title! This blog is truly starting to crumble.

Since Gothcon is coming up next weekend I’ve rushed out a (probably) last model before going to the Malifaux tournament; the Neverborn Doppelgänger.

The paint job was done to match my Lucius crew, so purple and I figured it would look nice to give her a porcelain mask/face to fit in.

In an effort to keep it short and to the point, here are the pictures.   

And a bonus! A Synth briefcase jam, with random budget synths squeezed into a briefcase. Because I could.


Oogie boogie goes sexy Bobomb

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Long time again, but that’s the way of the world! This time I’ve gone back to a project that just won’t die, the Nintendo-based Malifaux Neverborn Crew. It’s all fine with it not dying though, because I really enjoy it.

This time I made a proxy/replacement for Stitched Together. The Stitched together model is really just a sack with hooks, very much akin to Oogie boogie from Nightmare before Christmas, and I really couldn’t think of a unit from the Nintendoverse that fit that bill, so I had to go a bit outside the box.

Rule wise, a stitched together blows either itself of the opponent up, and emits creepy fog, so I decided to go with Bobomb from the Super Mario games. Plus, I found some cool inspiration for them, and wanted an excuse to use them.

The source of inspiration was mainly a picture drawn by Michael Puncekar, who has drawn all sorts of cool, nightmarish Nintendo-stuff. A more clockwork type of Bobomb as opposed to the classical bomb.

Classic Nintendo Bobomb and Michael Puncekar’s Bobomb

The models very made mainly by green stuff, apart from the scavenged feet from a Warhammer 40’000 Necron vehicle and some guitar wire for fuse. The model was pretty straight forward, just a round ball with some lines and holes (but I guess most models/drawings/masterworks are just some lines in the end anyways, right?).

Green spherical spheres.

Anyways, the next two models are already  modeled and primed, so I honestly hope and think that it won’t be that long until next time!

Stay tuned.

Bobomb 1


Bobomb 2

The citadel is ready to be besieged by terribly aged models

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

And now for something completly different! Okay, not that different; it’s still tiny models with paint on them. But this time it’s for an old board game, so not a true miniature game.

The game in question is Mutant Chronicles – Siege of the citadel. Siege of the citadel is a board game released in 1993 based on the Mutant Chronicles (no, not the awful movie!) universe. Anyone that knows my darker sides knows that I have an unhealthy relationship with Mutant chronicles. It probably ties in with my roleplaying youth and how we spent entire weekends creating characters and mostly dying horrible with them afterwards. The Mutant chronicles franchise spawned a bunch of different games (Card games, miniature games, RPG, a SNES game(!) etc) , and given that Target Games (the publishers) were Swedish, it was very accessible to my Swedish young self to get into.

Siege of the Citadel is a 2-5 player semi-cooperative game where each player plays as a pair of “Doom troopers” – elite warriors of the solar systems finest warriors originating from different Mega corporations. The doom troopers are tasked with the seemingly impossible task to enter a Dark Legion citadel and perform various shared missions and some personal, hidden missions. The players take turns to play as the Dark Legion, so the scapegoat varies throughout a playthrough, which is always nice. Between missions each player gears up their team with weapons and as they rack up experience they become more skilled at disposing of all the different kinds of nasties the citadel has lurking in store. The player with the most points in the end wins the game, so even if it’s cooperative, you might want to be a bit selective as to who to support between each mission.

The game itself is pretty basic, so some might find it too simplistic for their tastes. For me, though, it works just fine without 400 pages compendiums to read through each time it’s played – and given it’s age, sort of narrow audience and my own limited board gaming time, it really doesn’t see that much action. at all. But! In order to make the game a bit more attractive for both me and any co-players I decided I needed to give them a bit of a paintjob. Partly because I really wanted to, and partly because I bought the game second-hand from a mate, and the models were just partly painted, a long time ago, with oil based paint, so they really needed a touch-up. As oil-based paint is a headache to remove without also removing the plastic models underneath it, I decided to just spray them all black and go from there, so some models sadly lost a bit of detail. The good news about the smudged details are that the models are so silly and ugly that it really doesn’t matter that much – The models were cast almost over 20 years ago (gah, time flies!) and back them they really did look sort of cool. Now mostly goofy. But who cares! All 38 models were speed painted, and by speed painted I mean as-fast-as-humanly-possible-based-on-my-own-premisses; each model took maybe 15 minutes in total to paint, and I batch painted all of them, one unit at a time. Even the colour schemes of the dark legion troopers I stole from the awesome Sho3box to save some time.

Enough talk, on to the models!

First up are the Undead legionnaries. These are reanimated corpses from fallen soldiers, raised to freak out and fight the warriors of mankind. 12 of them, all in their jumpy zombie-soldier stance, these are probably my favourite models in the box. The bigger and more dangerous the foe, the uglier model, seems to be this games forte.

Next up, 9 Necromutants. These are a bit tougher than Undead Legionnaires, but still pretty much cannon-fodder. Basically they are some kind of souped up warrior made with “Dark technology”.

Centurions, the squad leaders of the Necromutants and Undead legionnaries, and definately more dangerous to combat. As noted, they are starting to goof out the further up the Dark Legion ladder we climb. Speaking of being goofy, next up is…

The Ezoghoul, some kind of centaur-cyborg which brings the thougts to the kind of over-the-top sillyness found in the old Doom game (And just like the experts tipped us about the Cyber-demon, the Ezoghoul also dies if you shoot it until it dies).

Razides, the bodyguards of high ranking Dark legion officers and true elite warriors, they are sort of the evil golems (“made from flesh and stone”!). I used to love these guys, and I still do. That is, I love the awesome Paul Bonner artwork, not these ridiculous things.

Highest ranking officer of the Dark Legion, the Nepharites are both large, horned and wield chainsaw-staffs. The model is, again, super-horrible.

That wraps up the evil gribblies, next up are the Doom troopers!

The Capitol (Americans – in spaaace!) doom troopers – Mitch Hunter and Big Bob Watts.

The Imperial (Brits – in spaaace!) doom troopers, Murdoch and Gallagher.

Bauhaus (Germans – in spaaace!) doom troopers – Valerie Duval and Maximilian Steiner. Bauhaus always was my favourite mega corporation. I mean, not so much of a favourite that I’d get a Bauhaus tattoo. Nope. Not at all…

Cybertronic is the hi-tech faction, and lore-wise they are the only ones that can use computers – Dark legion corrupted all computers with nasty viruses, which is why the setting is sort of sci-fi/fantasy. or diesel-punk. Anyways, here are Coral Beach (Don’t ask…) and Attila III.

Finally, the Mishima (Japanese – In spaaace!) doom troopers, Yojimbo and Tatsu. These are not that bad!

Even though the models have clearly aged quited a bit, and doesn’t look all that rad any more, I still find them charming, and it has been a fun project to work on. Getting to speed paint all those models reminded me why I stay away from army-scale games though. So, charming models, simple rules, works well with beer – what could possibly be wrong with this game?!

Thanks for today.

A wizard is never late, nor is he early.

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

He arrives precisely when he means to. And this should logically stand very true for the Chronomancer, or time mage. To rewind a bit (time-puns ahoy!), I found a new game – Frostgrave.


In short, Frostgrave is an old-school type and feel of a game where you play as a treasure seeking wizard with his/her apprentice and pseudo-trusted entourage. It’s played in a campaign-style way where you gather treasure, learn new spells and establish a base from which you operate. Very role play-y. Tickled me in all the right spots, in other words. There’s 10 different schools of magic (chronomancy, necromancy, elementalism, summoner, thaumaturgy, enchanter, sigilism, illusionism,soothsaying and witchcraft) each with 8 spells each. Since I’m a sucker for timey wimey stuff, I felt the need to get myself a chronomancer – just to be ready if I’d ever play the game!

Attention span short and curiosity peaked I put all other projects on pause and made time and space for a wizard and his trusty apprentice. The rest of his crew would be made up of re-purposed Mordheim Witch hunters.

For the master Chronomancer I went with a Warhammer Fantasy Empire Battle Wizard, because it’s a really lovely modular plastic kit with lots of cool bits to use for a wizard. But honestly, it was the hourglass that did it mostly. I wanted to cram as much “Time magey” stuff into the model as possible, but hopefully it didn’t go too much overboard. Obviously he needed an hourglass, because Time. To emulate some sort of magic time manipulation I went with an inverted sort of sand, so the sand is actually dripping upwards from the bottom half. I also tried to make his base a bit more fit for a centerpiece model, so I tried to the best of my abilities to try and emulate some sort of “time whirl”, which is why there’s both winter, summer and beyond-time-death-stuff represented on the base, where I used the sword to try and tell the story of how it’s instantly rusted. Originally there was going to be a secondary model on the base, some sort of assaulting knight struck mid-time, but space just didn’t allow it, even though I went with a 40mm base instead of 30mm which I originally intended.

I almost went with pure purple, but in the end I’m very happy having gone with white robes. Purple allover, as fancy as purple is, would still have been pretty boring, I’m afraid.

Doctor Who quote!

Back, second picture.

Base close-up, minute picture. Get it?


For an Apprentice I didn’t have any good idea for a long time, until I out of the blue won a contest on the Frostgrave Facebook page. Mountain of Metal hosted the contest, and I won three models which are bound to be released sometime this or next month. The fair rogue-lady looked sneaky enough, and the model is wonderful, so I gave her a pocket watch (Big wizard, big clock/hourglass. Rookie wizard, small clock. Makes sense, right?) made from green stuff and called it done. To make it a bit more timey wimey, I placed the remains of an old ruined clocktower or somesort and gave the dials a proper bend to tie in with the chronomancers view on time.

Besides holding a pocket watch, she’s also holding a dagger behind her back, and I figured that while the Master does all fancy stuff, the apprentice makes due with just stopping time and stabbing opponents repeatedly – I mean, that’s what anyone with limited knowledge of time magic would do, right?

Looking a bit too satisfied, aren’t we…?

Back, hour picture.

Base close-up, day picture.


And finally, the dynamic duo assembled! Best thing is that this pretty much sums up all I need to do to play a proper, all-painted game of Frostgrave. Well, besides finding the time in my overly crowded parental leave-schedule.


Still need names, too. I’m thinking Corvax for the master, because of the educational animated series Muzzy in Gondoland, which involves eating clocks. Anyways, I should probably stop now.

Polar Teddy

Saturday, September 5th, 2015





Polar Bear-Teddy done for my Nintendo-based Malifaux Dreamer crew. The model is a slightly converted limited edition Malifaux Miss Ery/Teddy.

Teddy is based on the pink swim pants-wearing polar bear from Ice climbers. For those that are unaware of Ice climbers, it’s a Nintendo game where you climb… Ice. And it also features a polar bear. So there, reason enough!

Added sunglasses, swim pants and a torn poncho, so nothing extremely exotic, modeling wise. It was fun to sculpt a really tiny Nintendo console by his feet though!

Paint job was kept quick and dirty, since the amount of time I have available for painting is diminishingly small at the moment (as always?).

I know I said the Dreamario project was over, but who cares. Fun ideas warrants more models. Next up will probably be some Waldgeists.

Pulling it off with sexy pants

Guns don’t kill people, games do!

Aaand obligatory WIP

BMG tryout – Some men just want to see their dice cube burn…

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

After something close to two years of having two painted crews for Batman the Miniature Game, I finally got around to testing it. With some non-Batman-friendly results…



Normally, this means bad luck for bad guys.

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Finally some documentation – Lucius crew & Lincon tournament

Monday, June 22nd, 2015


For someone that lives and dies for documentation, I sure am horrible at documenting my models.

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Knock knock. Who’s there? Boo. Boo who? Yeah, I’m sad of reused jokes as well.

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

Realized I needed more than one insidiousl madness for Malifaux.  Since they’re great and all.

So a week or so ago I went ahead and sculpted myself two more (you can have a maximum of  three in a game).

Most stuff to mention is probably best read in the original post, but here’s a picture of the shy trio all together. Someone obviously has their back turned towards the middle one.

They’re all 100% greenstuff. Basically a ball with a mouth, so nothing revolutionary, but still.

If there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers

Saturday, April 4th, 2015

…As Guild Lawyers graduate from wrangling mundane proceedings, they begin to notice that what they used to only accomplish symbolically – shredding testimonies, redefining meanings, challenging and remaking the facts themselves – is spilling out of the courtroom and into their lives. With gleeful sophistry and only a little surgically applied willpower they can redefine the reality going on around them, and impose their definition over what was there before. For what’s reality but a pattern, what’s a law but a pattern to define and control other patterns, what’s a lawyer but something that defines and controls the law?..

– Malifaux  2E, Crossroads

Best flufftext ever.

First two models finished since the birth of my second son, four months ago. As far as four months can be considered a quick paintjob, they’ve been a quick paintjob. Lawyers are some seriously cool models and it feels good finally finishing them.

The first one is lecturing someone about some possible interpretation of the law and the second one is unreasonably happy because someone spilled his wine, which means lawsuit!


Preparing for LinCon and Malifaux tourney in about a month, so hopefully more stuff will pop in a bit more regularly.


The governors secretary. And a synthesizer.

Saturday, December 27th, 2014

Just a post I’ve been meaning to post for.. Ages.

Life’s been busy with me having a newborn kiddo and stuff, so very little time has been left for painting. Plus, I’ve had a few non-miniature relates projects up and running as well, so what little ‘hobby time’ I’ve had has actually been spent on other stuff!

Anyways, some months back I painted up Lucius for malifaux, I just never got around to posting or taking pictures. So in order to at least post something, here’s a quick picture of him I snapped right after painting him. Posing arrogantly in front of a lovely Korg Monotribe.


Speaking of other projects, here’s a box for my Korg Volca synthesizer series I designed (and my father might have had some hand in making a reality…).

More stuff incoming related to synths soon!