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Malifaux battlereport 2016-08-23

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

You can hear the clatter of rain outside; it’s muffled as if run through a filter, but it’s still there. The room is empty save for an old, rusted ,steel-framed bed in one of the corners. There’s no sheets, just a¬†mattress. It doesn’t feel that bad, despite its spartan look – at least it’s not the bare floor. If you had to describe your environment in one word, it would be “Grey”.

The sound of rain is gone now. You turn over in the bed and spot the television set in the middle of the room. The antenna hopelessly stretches up towards the ceiling like an old wizened willow. You wonder why it’s there since there’s nowhere to plug it in. You also wonder, briefly, why you don’t focus your attention on how it got there. The screen wakes up. First static, then slowly merging in a myriad of bright colors which fill the room with ghost-like multicolored rays penetrating the filtered Grey.

I wonder what’s on.


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50 shades of purple

Thursday, December 26th, 2013


A bit over a year ago a began my Dark Debts crew project, and now I’ve finally come to the point where it feels about as done as it’ll ever get…

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You’re Scheming On A Thing That’s A Mirage

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

Because Beastie boys need to be referenced more.

Let’s start with an apology – I’m sorry that there wasn’t any Robin update. He’s still on the painting table, and my ability (inability) to paint yellow makes it take some more time.

Anyways, a while ago I whipped up some malifaux scheme markers for my Lynch crew, but I haven’t gotten around to blogging it. So here it is, scheme markers. 6 of them. Because… How many do you need? I’ve never used more than 6, but what if? Decisions decisions. 6 feels like a solid number anyways. There’s the 4 aces and 2 Jokers (A black J and a red J, respectively).

The bases are from Fenris games, and the cards were made from flattened greenstuff cut into shape.


The markers are just playing cards on the same kind of wooden floor as the rest of the crew. It feels like if there’s anything that Jakob Lynch would use as a catalyst for his influence, it’d be playing cards.

The markers in themselves are pretty minimalistic, but there’s a few reasons behind that. First and foremost, it was the closest to a non-intrusive, yet still thematic, Scheme marker I could come up with. I’ve seen a lot of really great looking Scheme markers, but I feel like they can be a bit too intrusive on the board while actually playing (In game the Scheme markers are 0″ tall and you can stand on them). So, as flat as possible was the goal.
Second, because I’m lazy.

I think that sort of sums up my Lynch crew, might do a group shot to celebrate if I dig out the camera.

How many aces do you have in that deck?!

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Over time, repeated exposure to the Hungering Darkness’ brilliance begins to build up a residue of energy in a person’s body. It permeates their being, saturating them on a both physical and spiritual level. As the saturation builds, it takes more for the Darkness to impart the euphoric effects of the brilliance on its victims, rapidly accelerating the saturation. Some of these individuals are able to manifest the saturation as an extension of their will, their eyes and breath glowing with power…

– Illuminated, Storm of Shadows


After a long time of not having any energy to spend on the Illuminated of Jacob Lynch, I finally “manned up” and painted one. Back in the old edition of Malifaux, I never really felt the need for them, but with the dawn of the new edition, I really can’t shake the feeling that I might make use of at least one. Most likely I should paint up a second, but that’ll have to wait.

In order to spice this model up a bit, I placed him on a small poker table. Out of green stuff I “sculpted” (I say “sculpted”, because it basically involved mashing a piece flat and making a sausage) some poker markers and cards. The story of the model is that someone tried to cheat him, which makes him flip and jump up on the table going all Prototype and stuff. Because only Lynch is allowed to cheat.

The model didn’t take that long to build, but I did spend the time to try some glazing and blending, mostly on the fellers pants. Turned out OK in the end.


Base details


Either puking, or really, really upset.


Probably just upset.

The bookmaker and the ledger

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Hurriedly painted up an Arcane Effigy and two Stitched Together since I might want to use them at a tournament this weekend. One of the Stitched Together aint based yet though, so he got left out. Do note I’m not even sure I’ll use them yet, but now I, at least, can.


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I knew I’d get some use out of that 10/0 brush…

Thursday, December 13th, 2012


…As I crossed to the opposite side of the street, I ran into a well-dressed man in a gray suit and top hat, with a neatly trimmed black beard.

“Sorry,” I nodded. “Didn’t see you there.” I started to walk around him.

He held out a gloved hand. “No need to apologize. It’s quite a dark night out tonight. But before you go, do you mind me asking, what brings you out? Are you looking for something? If you are, I believe you will be able to find it in the Honeypot”…

-The Rising Sun, from Malifaux – Storm of Shadows

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