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Link – he come to town!

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

I was about to split the post in two, but who cares, really?

I made myself some demon twins for Malifaux; Lelu & Lilitu. Albeit with more fitting clothes, of course! Pardon for the variation in picture quality, I threw in a few WIP pictures. Sculpting hands is hard work!












And the WIP’s










Oogie boogie goes sexy Bobomb

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Long time again, but that’s the way of the world! This time I’ve gone back to a project that just won’t die, the Nintendo-based Malifaux Neverborn Crew. It’s all fine with it not dying though, because I really enjoy it.

This time I made a proxy/replacement for Stitched Together. The Stitched together model is really just a sack with hooks, very much akin to Oogie boogie from Nightmare before Christmas, and I really couldn’t think of a unit from the Nintendoverse that fit that bill, so I had to go a bit outside the box.

Rule wise, a stitched together blows either itself of the opponent up, and emits creepy fog, so I decided to go with Bobomb from the Super Mario games. Plus, I found some cool inspiration for them, and wanted an excuse to use them.

The source of inspiration was mainly a picture drawn by Michael Puncekar, who has drawn all sorts of cool, nightmarish Nintendo-stuff. A more clockwork type of Bobomb as opposed to the classical bomb.

Classic Nintendo Bobomb and Michael Puncekar’s Bobomb

The models very made mainly by green stuff, apart from the scavenged feet from a Warhammer 40’000 Necron vehicle and some guitar wire for fuse. The model was pretty straight forward, just a round ball with some lines and holes (but I guess most models/drawings/masterworks are just some lines in the end anyways, right?).

Green spherical spheres.

Anyways, the next two models are already  modeled and primed, so I honestly hope and think that it won’t be that long until next time!

Stay tuned.

Bobomb 1


Bobomb 2

Knock knock. Who’s there? Boo. Boo who? Yeah, I’m sad of reused jokes as well.

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

Realized I needed more than one insidiousl madness for Malifaux.  Since they’re great and all.

So a week or so ago I went ahead and sculpted myself two more (you can have a maximum of  three in a game).

Most stuff to mention is probably best read in the original post, but here’s a picture of the shy trio all together. Someone obviously has their back turned towards the middle one.

They’re all 100% greenstuff. Basically a ball with a mouth, so nothing revolutionary, but still.

Dreamario project – COMPLETE!

Thursday, March 27th, 2014


RIP Dreamario Crew

17th September 2013 – 26th March 2014

It was nice knowing you, but now you’re all completed!


Pretty much everything has already been said in other posts, but it’s always nice with some closure.

At the start I was honestly very doubtful I’d ever finish it, and even more so before Gothcon, which have been my goal ever since I found out there was a Malifaux tournament there. Eventually though, things just… loosened up and suddenly they were all ready.

13 models in 6 months might not be that spectacular but.. I’m a slow painter/modeller with limited time, so there.  Not counting a few minor side-projects, it has pretty much had my full attention the whole time, which, for a hobbyist, is hard work!

That said, here’s my, at the moment, mono-list for Dreamer:


Neverborn Crew – 50 – Scrap

The Dreamer (Mario) — 6 Pool
+Restless Dreams [1]
+Tantrum [2]

Daydream (Goomba) X 2 [4]
Baby Kade  (Diddy Kong) [7]
Coppelius (Luigi) [8]
Insidious Madness (Boo) [5]
Teddy (Donkey Kong) [11]
Widow Weaver (Princess Peach) [8]

Besides that, there’s 1 extra Daydream and 3 Alps (Shy Guy)

Time will tell if it works out, but who cares – it’s not a list built for efficiency, but for nostalgia and for the sake of the challenge.

Looking at the future… I’m not sure what I’m gonna do now. Feels almost lonely. Maybe watch a few episodes of Breaking Bad without a bright hobby light lighting up the room.


Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to stab me in the back with a big knife?

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Kadey Kong! Last model of the Dreamario crew done! Frabjous day indeed!


Diddy Kong is Donkey Kongs “wannabe nephew” and, much like Donkey, he likes barrels and bananas. Baby Kade is a neurotic evil demon-baby that stabs people in the back that likes his Teddy.

So, with the connection of liking Teddy/DK being the only common denominator – onward!

Diddy_kong WYR4002_Baby_Kade_1.JPG=600


I always thought Baby Kade had a bit of an ape-face anyways.

First up, I had to remove pretty much everything from the model… Since the original model hugged its teddy very close, I was left with trying to sculpt one entire side of his body, with arm and leg included. Baby arms are very small.



Yeah… not much left of the original model. Trying to knife away half the model without damaging the other one was definitely a challenge.


photo 1

Front – For the first time in my life, I’ve scuplted a banana! Added the Banana, added the tanktop, banana, arm, leg, cap and tail. Sculpting little baby arms and feet are hard stuff.


photo 2

Back, hugging his lil’ banana.


And… Results. Turns out small models gets painted faster than big ones. Mystery!

photo 2

That’s the worlds tiniest tongue, if you wonder. And a baby-scale banana.


photo 3

Because stabbing people is fun.


photo 1

Don’t worry ma’am, we’re here on official monkey business.

Thank you, Mario! But our Princess is eating our sanity!

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

photo 1

Two updates in two days, I know! This time Princess Peach/Malifaux Widow Weaver.

No major alterations to her, since the model was awesome enough as is, only added a crown which I stole from a GW Warhammer 40’000 Necron shield-thingy.

The base is cork, transparent gel, GW skeleton/zombie bits and greenstuffed mushroom hats. Because Peach is the princess of the Toadstools. And now they’re all dead. And she’s walking around all monstrey. You know, which is creepy and stuff. Plus, in the game she’s all Damsel-in-distressy, and now I can turn that around by making her scare people to death (hopefully only) in-game.

photo 3

Base detail

photo 4

Innocent enough from behind… kinda.

photo 5

Mario, Luigi and Peach, chilling out

Three more models to go!

Too shy to come up with a good post title…

Saturday, February 15th, 2014

photo 1

I know, it’s been over a month since I posted something, but things are just going very slow with every model taking a lot of time with sculpting and whatnot. Finished up my three proxies for Malifaux Neverborn Alps today though!

In Malifaux, Alps are nightmarish creatures that makes people drowsy and eventually suffocates them, just by being around. Some kind of energy vampire, basically. Alps are based on the creature from German folklore with the same name. In keeping with the Super Mario/Nintendo theme of my Dreamer crew, the role of Alps are played by “Shy Guys”. Shy Guys, much like Goombas, pretty much just wander around harmlessly, so it felt like they fit the bill pretty well. Also, the fact that noone knows what’s behind their masks felt like it could turn into something unsettling and scary-like. As scary as tiny plastic toy soldiers go.


German folklore Alp vs Shy Guy. Almost the same!

So I fired up the Google-mobile and did some research for “scary Shy Guys”, and it turned out to be quite some of them floating around, albeint not exactly what I was planning for. The two below are the ones that felt most fitting though, which helped out a bit when I was going to design the mask and clothing.

shy+guy_319e17_3721186 shyguy

Back when I began planning to build them, I didn’t really imagine myself ever hiring them, but instead summoning in the mid-game. To visualize the summoning aspect, I made three pipes that they would crawl out of “from nowehere” to try and grab anyone coming too close. The pipes were made from two sets of plastic tubes, nothing fancy. The pipes were also a way to try and tie in with Lord Chompy Bits.

photo 3

Three pipes, and the sandpaper which defined them (?)


Above is the collected random bits of what would become the Shy Guys. At this point I had a few general ideas of what to make, but most was up in the air. I had decided to use Warhammer Ghoul bodies as the base, since they were just hunched-and-creepy enough to not require too much altering, pose-wise, and the rest would most likely be sculpted.

photo 5

I filed away most of the “accessories” of the Ghouls, like random bones and pointy things that didn’t really belong on a Shy Guy. And their faces.


I sculpted a mask on a pin for convenience sake, since I knew that all the masks would look the same, and I was going to make a mold out of Insta-mold with it. This was actually done back when I made the base for Lord Chompy Bits, but back then the concept of creeping, lurking Shy Guys was already settled upon. There might also be some sacrificial blood on the original mask to please the dark gods. Or because I’m a careless dumb-nut.

photo 4

Early WIP of a Shy Guy pushing itself out of a pipe. At this point it was pretty much just a ghoul with a mask, but I did some repositioning to try and give it that “Just about to come up” kind of pose.


I knew I wanted some icky goo to make the pipes less inviting, so experimented a bit with transparent gel and green acrylic paint, and I think it ended up snotty-looking enough. Above is a test before dullcoat, the final product is dulled down to make it blend in a bit more.

The combination was Vallejo Heavy Transparent Gel and Tamiya Clear Green whipped together with a wooden stick.

photo 1

And above’s what it looks like when applied. Not very sexy, but after a few days the white disappears and it becomes transparent and nice.

Aaaand the final product:

photo 5

Mr Grabby

photo 2

Mr. Gooonna Gitcha! (Hard to tell, but that’s one of those white vegetables from Super Mario 2 he’s holding in his hand, by the way. Not sure what kind of veggie though…)

photo 3

Mr. Out-of-good-names

Mario has had enough time in the spotlight, now it’s all eyes on me…

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

 ‘Eyes here’ eyes!’ roared Coppelius tonelessly. Overcome by the wildest terror, I shrieked out and fell from my hiding place upon the floor…


Coppelius, or rather, Coppeluigi, finished up for my Dreamer project. Only minor modifications since the original model is creepy as hell as it is, and I wouldn’t not want to use that. Gave Coppeluigi a plumber’s hat and a mushroom instead of an eye. Because in Mario-land you need mushrooms.

Since I personally feel that human-like monsters are more frightening than pure monsters, I decided to go with a human skincolor. Plus, it makes him look more like Luigi. Top two tentacles were repositioned and turned into the most moustachey and dapper tentacles on the market – because real gentlemen don’t settle for anything less than moustache-tentacles.

Placed him on a ?-block to tie him further with Dreamer/Mario. These guys are the only ones that’ll be on such block in the crew.

“What did moma always say about accepting mushrooms from strangers…?”

Rockin’ that ‘stache

I’m gonna eat y’all”

Goomba Daydreams – Freudian field day

Monday, January 6th, 2014

The topic that could also be named ’50 shades of brown’. Too bad I already made a reference about that book not too many posts ago. And I haven’t even read it (no, honest!).

photo 1

First 6 soulstones done for my Dreamer crew! 5 models done in total… 6 stones. Not cool. Anyways..

Went with a very dark scheme for these dudes to try and keep in touch with the “Mario gone nightmarish” theme. I know I might use completely white eyes a bit too often, but to be honest I was afraid not doing so would make them almost feel human. Or silly. Or googely-eyed. White makes them feel a bit more monstrous. Or so I hope.

I also showed these to my wife, hoping for some well-deserved cred! I mean, I both sculpted them from scratch and painted them all evil. She said they looked like three little male love-sausages and laughed. I mean, the are based on mushrooms, not wieners! *mutter grumble *

So, here they are. Perverted mushroom-monsters. Or a penis-party. Your call.

photo 5
Doin’ The Sidescroller
photo 2
Compensating for its short stature by standing on stuff.

photo 3
Just me and my blue shell. Maxin’ the chillaxin’

Not quite the 50 shades as advertised but these are the browns used for these very brown models.

Dissertation: The impact of video games on children

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Nah, it’s not really a dissertation on video games and its influences on kids. Well, by extension I guess it touches on the subject, because I was once a kid who played video games, but let’s not focus on that…


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