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Rub mah mojo hand

Saturday, September 20th, 2014


First post in ages. Been having a longer-than-expected detour into the world of synthesizers, so been slacking on the blogging side. Not that much with painting though!


Last up for my Nicodem crew is Mortimer the grave digger. He’s been done for a while, I just havn’t gotten around to posting. In fact, I managed to snatch shared-second place in the lovely monthly #MFXTOP painting competition with while not blogging! Much joy!


Anyways, here’s Mortimer!

Painted in a New Orleans/Baron Samedi voodoo theme, to tie in with the rest of the lot.




photo 2


Not entirely sure if he’s being burrowed or dug up. You decide.


And the entire crew:


photo 3


And this wraps up my Nicodem project!


Yet another mindless post.

Monday, August 11th, 2014


Not much of a post really, but figured I’d post up my 5 Mindless Zombies for Malifaux.

The models are from Mantic, so they’re proxies, but it’ll have to do. All five hastily speed painted since I couldn’t be bothered that much. I mean, in Malifaux they’re likely do be removed the second after they’re summoned. But now I have 5 ready for play at least.

Went with the same corpse paint sort of deal as with Nicodem. At least you can see these guys’ heads.

Sorry for the sort of crappy pic  – lighting was bad and I am lazy.


Fnaah fnaah and ca-caw ca-caw, an exercise in onomatopoeia

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

photo 1photo 2

First things first; Fnaah fnaah is how a dapper gentleman does his dastardly laugh, and ca-caw is how a vulture sounds… I think.

Nicodem, the Undertaker of Malifaux finally complete. Vulture has been done for a while, but I just couldn’t motivate myself to do a blog post about… a bird (havn’t you heard?).

For Nicodem I aimed for a “Louisiana/New Orleans voodoo” kind of look. For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about it involves witch doctorey attires, tall hats and corpse makeup – pretty much your Nicodem model! As a change from all the usual winter bases, I tried out a more autumn kind of  theme with some flowers and random fluffstuff. And tomb stones of course. Since he’s an undertaker and stuff, you know. This is also the first time I’ve tried out painting “dark skin”, which was a fun challenge. And not that hard at all with the Reaper Dark skin triad and some good ole Devlan Mud. The face was a nightmare to paint though, since he wears a big hat and keeps it at an angle, it was almost impossible to paint the makeup, and ever harder to see it now that it’s done.

So basically, what I wanted was:


And with all the color choices and whatnot, I ended up with:





Anyways… More pics below.

photo 2


photo 3

Because if you’re a zombie you need corpse makeup… right?

photo 4

So death metal it hurts


photo 1


Flappity flap. Floff-floff-floff.



More undead hookers to throw at problems…

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

photo 1

In Malifaux, there’s no problem you can’t solve by throwing some undead hookers at it. So after I stole the hat from the Alternative Seamus model, I also ended up stealing his Rotten Belle. Had  to greenstuff hair and some stuff, but most of it I could hide behind a tomb stone.

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The term “problem child” doesn’t really begin to cover it…

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Last week I got my shipment of Evil Baby Orphanage stuff from the Kickstarter, which amongst other things included a Jack the Ripper baby miniature (work as Copycat Killer or Baby Kade in Malifaux). Besides Jack the package also included models for Eric the Red and Lizzie Borden, whom I plan to paint up eventually as well… especially since Jack was such a joy to paint!


Since we’re all for gender-equality, we love that he plays with dolls.

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Heeere Kitty-kitty-kitty…

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

What’s more horrible to face in the middle of the night than a big sabre-toothed tiger?

An undead sabre-toothed tiger obviously. What’s even more horrifying than that, you ask? An undead sabre-toothed tiger stitched together with a big honking snake, that’s what… And a horse head.

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A very grave spirit. A grave spirit. But not The Grave Spirit.

Friday, January 18th, 2013


It may be hard to believe, but I’ve managed as a Resurrectionist player around 3 years without having used a Grave spirit. Well, now he’s finally up and painted. All I need now is a Dead rider or Izamu to stick him on!..

Yeah, I got neither. Can’t be that cheesy. Got a triangularly head shaped lovechild I’m looking at proxying as Izamu though.

If Speed painting and feverish flu had a lovechild, it would be this paintjob. I needed him painted for a tournament this February, so I went “Games workshop-scale-painting-time-per-model” on him. Excluding some time inbetween to dry, I think he took roughly 30 minutes to paint up and base, after being primed. See, I can paint quickly as well. See you once my next model is finished, in 1-2 months…

Wedding cake topper

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

When me and my wife married, I made a wedding cake topper for us, because I’m a nerdgeek like that. Well, some time ago, a good friend of me and my wife asked me if I wanted to make a wedding cake topper-thingy for her and her to-be husbands wedding cake. Obviously, I said yes (otherwise it would’ve been silly to make a post like this), and I figured I’d share the results here as well.

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We’re Batmeeen

Friday, July 13th, 2012

I ran out of witty Batman-puns the last time I painted Night Terrors…

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There’s something rotten in the slums of Malifaux…

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

… It’s an undead courtesan. And she brought friends to deal with the rascally antics of the woman that makes Ben & Jerry ice cream look warm!

Prepare for the most epic of battle reports ever to be caught on poorly taken photos…

NB! It’s a bunch of pictures, so if you’re surfing from 1995, you might want to reconsider.

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