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It’s a, a violent playground

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Won’t you come and join us in our playground?
It’s a, a violent playground
Such a, a violent playground

Wanted some more semi-creepy/postapoc terraint so made a playground out of stuff from  Sarissa precision, 4ground and ice cream sticks.

It’s all mounted on a base with the same kind of Zuzzy mat that the rest of my board has, so hopefully it blends in while still having some coherency.







Malifaux battlereport 2016-08-23

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

You can hear the clatter of rain outside; it’s muffled as if run through a filter, but it’s still there. The room is empty save for an old, rusted ,steel-framed bed in one of the corners. There’s no sheets, just a mattress. It doesn’t feel that bad, despite its spartan look – at least it’s not the bare floor. If you had to describe your environment in one word, it would be “Grey”.

The sound of rain is gone now. You turn over in the bed and spot the television set in the middle of the room. The antenna hopelessly stretches up towards the ceiling like an old wizened willow. You wonder why it’s there since there’s nowhere to plug it in. You also wonder, briefly, why you don’t focus your attention on how it got there. The screen wakes up. First static, then slowly merging in a myriad of bright colors which fill the room with ghost-like multicolored rays penetrating the filtered Grey.

I wonder what’s on.


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BMG tryout – Some men just want to see their dice cube burn…

Thursday, July 9th, 2015

After something close to two years of having two painted crews for Batman the Miniature Game, I finally got around to testing it. With some non-Batman-friendly results…



Normally, this means bad luck for bad guys.

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Mats, mats, more mats. Zuzzy mats, at that.

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013


A while ago I undertook on a great big olé journey to host a Malifaux tournament at PewPewCon –  PewPewFaux (of course). Anyways, in order for this to come true, I needed gaming tables!  At the local club there’s a bunch of 6×4′ tables, but the 3×3′ that Malifaux use are sorely lacking. So I set about ordering a few more Zuzzy mats, since they’re awesome. I ordered 2 3×4′ (to combine into a single 6×4 if necessary) and one 3×3′. They’re also tortoise-slow to get once you order them, so I had to order them a good 1.5 month in advance, and just received them last week, 1 week before the convention. So speed-painting 33 square feet of gaming table it is!

Just like with the other mat I started with a grey roller-drybrush and afterwards picked out the details (tree trunks).


At this stage they look a bit like doodies on the mat. Not awesome…yet!

After this, I sprayed from a distance red and brown spots to break the mats up. Afterwards a gave it a wash of the “baby-poo wash” from last post. Yeah, a lot of poo-stuff this post.


Top two have been washed and dried at this stage, bottom one no wash.



Some more WIP pictures. Nothing much to say, really.

Anyways! a few days work and they’re all ready for the tournament this weekend.




Wrapped up and good to go.

Snowflakes keep falling on my head…

Friday, September 6th, 2013



To keep up with the winter theme of my board, I finished up some winterifying (totally a real word) of my terrain.


First up is a Garden of Morr and second is the houses I’ve been building lately.



Garden of Morr and a GW corner ruin



All my houses snowified! Sarissa, Sarissa, Litko and 4ground


Ended up pretty swell, I think. I mean, it’s snow. On terrain. Snow terrain. Thematically I think they blend together better with the common snow aspect. Before, the 4ground ( the house in the foreground..hur hur) building looked a bit out of place compared to the other houses. Now though, it feels better.

Also, I just realized I never did a “full spread” on the residence house (big one in the middle). I’ll maybe do it at some point. I’ve learned from my mistakes that I won’t promise any updates, because if I do, they never happen.




Freeze in hell, Batman!

Journals of a terrain junky – Sarissa

Friday, September 6th, 2013

More terrain finished. Or rather, it has been finished a while, but I’ve just not posted anything about it.

It’s a Sarissa MDF building. I added windows out of blister packages to get that over-pretentious feeling.

Baldy the Chaos Space Marine will have to do the modelling.


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Can’t see the forest because it’s really just one tree

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

In most games, you have area terrain – “A forest” consisting of only one or two trees.

So, with the left-over Zuzzy mat and some old CD’s, I made myself some area terrain.



Also, a try-out/sneak preview of how the mat will look with snow.



Graveyard project

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Semi-finished graveyard! Or at least the beginning of it with some nice tomb stones.


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Finished graveyard

Friday, January 4th, 2013


Graveyard all done!

It’s the first peace of my to-be wintery gothicy horrible..-y graveyard board. Original idea was to have a “Gotham city cemetary” feel to it – and it always snows in Gotham city cemetaries, for some reason. It ended up with a more frosted/tundraish look than christmasy, since I wanted to include some grass and mud and such. It was probably 4 years since I last produced a peace of terrain, so I’m still trying to get the hang of how to do it properly, but I’m satisfied with the outcome.

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WIP graveyard

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

Just a quick post about my graveyard project. So far it’s pretty shy, but the plan is to eventually make at least enough terrain to play some malifaux on, possibly any 28mm miniature game, if I get enough.
Anyways, a graveyard. There’s still stuff left to do with it but.. It’s a start.