Chaos Space Marines Revisited

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Rawr, some good olé 40k in the middle of all this Malifaux focus!

Yes, it’s true, I’ve painted the astounding amount of two Warhammer 40k models.  A while ago I decided that I needed to re-paint my old Chaos Space Marines since I wasn’t satisfied with the colour scheme…sort of.

Above is a Chaos Dreadnought sporting the old colour scheme, brown and blue. It looks all fine and dandy until you start trying to do some weathering. Then you realize that mud and dirt and whatnot tends to be…brown as well. Making for a very brown and plain model. Since I wanted to try my hand at some serious weathering, the brownmarines had to go. Brushes ahoy, old stuff with new colours!

Above is my first test model with the new scheme, bonewhite (but still blue). Since I wasn’t sure where I was going at the start, I made a few mistakes, most noticeably overdoing the pigment weathering. But I guess even evil Space marines trip and fall into the mud at times. Model is magnetised, hence why he’s not holding any weapon. Also, it’s a real bad idea to do glowy eyes and afterwards mud stuff up. Really bad idea. Dirty glow…pffe. Anyways, I still have some touchups left to do on this model, but I wanted to see if I could manage any better the second time, so I went on with a new model instead, leaving this poor sod to wait for later.

Same model from behind, lo’ and behold. Still lacking a backpack, that’ll come at a later stage.

Aaargh, new evil dude! This one a bit less dirty, but still proper grimy. At least you can now tell that he’s once been white. ‘Bit more noticeable with the scratches and such when he’s not covered in as much yuck.

Aaand his back.

And both dudes, standing proudly next to eachother. I’ve decided that even though the first one didn’t turn out like I had planned, he’ll still do. It’s at least the same scheme. Still have an entire army to repaint, so this’ll take a while but..eventually, I guess. Probably never.

This was my first attempt at doing the hairspray weathering technique, and the first dude was  basecoated with Armypaint Skeleton Bone, and the second had his white painted on by hand, but in the end both will work, which is a blessing since various old models will need different handling.

To keep myself from forgetting how it was accomplished, and maybe (just maybe) help some poor sod out, I’ll share how it was accomplished.


  1. Undercoat – Chaos Black spray
  2. Basecoat – Scorched Brown (GW)
  3. Power armour – Scorched Brown
  4. Blue details – Night Blue, Magic Blue, Electric Blue (Vallejo)

Notes: Way too dark. Works fine until you figure out you’d like some weathering. Meshes well with the snow, on the other hand.

Test subject 1 – “Horny”

  1. Undercoat – Chaos Black spray
  2. Basecoat – Scorched Brown (GW)
  3. Rust – Different oranges and browns applied with torn-off foam-thing from an old blister.
  4. Varnish – Army Painter Matt Varnish
  5. Hairspray – Schwarzkopf Got2Be. Smells like strawberries. If this technique works I’ve promised wife to buy my own hairspray…
  6. Second Basecoat – Army Painter Skeleton Bone
  7. Blue details – Night Blue, Magic Blue, Electric Blue
  8. “Striping”/Dirtyfying – Leather Brown (Reaper)
  9. Scrape with “remodeled” icecream stick
  10. Dust pigments – Flames of War Track Brown…all over the place. Way over the top, sadly. First time ever with pigments!

Notes: Way too much Pigment – Only by the feet next time! When scraping for scratches/tear on the blue, Skeleton white showed through…not optimal at all. Efforts with rust effects barely showed after scraping. Do OSL last!

Test subject 2 – “Baldy”

  1. Undercoat – Chaos Black spray
  2. Basecoat – Scorched Brown (GW)
  3. Rust – Earth Brown drybrush/foam
  4. Varnish
  5. Reaper Bonewhite, Bone Shadow, Polished Bone.
  6. Blue details – Sapphire Blue, Sky Blue, True Blue (Reaper)
  7. “Striping”/Dirtyfying – Tanned Shadow (Reaper)
  8. Scrape with Citadel Scuplting tool
  9. Bolter – Stormy Grey, Cloudy Grey (Reaper)
  10. Dust pigments – Flames of War Track Brown

Notes: The Bone white dissolved some of the hairspray. Ended up with some cracks, so looks pretty nice anyways, but worth to note that spraying feels a bit “safer”. Felt a bit more controlled this second time.



4 comments on “Chaos Space Marines Revisited

  1. OpticData says:

    First of all, great new blog appearance! Secondly, I love the dirty look you’ve given your men. I personally like the ‘horn guy’ more then the ‘bald guy’. I’m not too sure why, but it maybe because the bald guy’s not got the extra tone and depth (if that makes sense at all).

    Again, good job!

    • markus says:

      Woop, thanks a lot OpticData! Even though I’m not all satisfied with the horn-dude, it’s good to hear he’s still likeable (as likeable as a Chaos Space Marine gets, I guess…)!

  2. Love the filth! Traitors clearly don’t bother with cleanliness, makes them look like they’ve been terrorising the innocent for years.

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